First Day Of Eighth & Third Grade!

It's been almost a month since Chelsea & Noah started school, and if y'all read this post you'd know that we moved to another school district. It's only a town over, and luckily the transition didn't hit them too hard. It was a little bumpy at first beginning at a new school with learning the ropes on how different it is compared to our old school, but so far they have adjusted and doing well! 

One thing I'm grateful for is that these kids are resilient, and because we've moved so much have adjusted well in making friends in a new surrounding. I think they get that from me! Noah expressed slight trauma during this move because of all the friends he made at his old school, but luckily he'll see most of them during cub scouts, and at church since some of the kids from his old school are involved. That definitely makes him happy. Noah is all kinds of smart, and he will do fine in his new school. He has enrolled in theatre club, and "STEAM" club which is like robotics and is really excited to build things.

Chelsea is extremely resilient, and can hold her own. Much tougher than her two older sisters. Although she's super sweet she can also show the "dark side" of her if you cross her! Ha Ha! She's seriously the sweetest, most kindest girl, but she will stand her ground! She's a lot like me which is why we butt heads so much. I know she'll do great, and she misses some of her friends too from 6th and 7th grade, but luckily we are just a town away where they can meet up at their track meets, see each other during their drama plays, and hang out afterwards. 

So no real tears from these two.  

Cheers to another year of school! 

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