The Color Factory NYC!

I can't begin to tell you how lucky we are to live near New York City where there are so many fun things to do that involve culture, elaborate slides at various parks, museums of every kind, amazing restaurants, broadway shows, and yes...pop-up museums which have become a favorite. We were so lucky to have gone to the Hall of Breakfast while we were in Utah, but in all honesty I have to say that the Color Factory is at the top of our list because it had me at macaroons, and all things colorful! 

And it was incredible. 
I took soooooooooo many photos, and am going to do my best to chronologically take you through the experience, and be as specific as possible as I'm posting photos! 

We were patiently waiting for our turn to go in which was before lunch. There weren't too many people so we were lucky that it wasn't crowded. While waiting we were greeted with MOCHI ICE CREAM which I've never had, but it was mind-blowing, and now Jon wants to buy mochi ice cream instead of regular ice cream! We walked down a hallway which was filled with different colored buttons, and picked the color we wanted, and pinned them on to our shirt.
The Maracroon converter belt! I swear we all ate like five macaroons each! They are our absolute favorite! 
We did a little experiment which was fun, and at the end made us laugh when we showed each other the results. We sat across from each other in a booth, followed the prompts, drew a picture, and then whatever color we were matched with got treats afterwards that were that color. 

The music room. This was pretty cool, and Noah got a kick out of playing with the mallets. They all "made music" together while I stood back and took photos.

The balloon room. All Noah wanted to do was kick them balloons up in the air. One thing I loved upon entering in were the cards we were given with QR codes for photos from the cameras they had placed which were instantly emailed. This was genius on their part because not too many places do that! This was absolutely perfect which gave us all the chance to be in photos together. We never had to ask someone to take our picture! 
The merry go round. This was too much fun even for me. Totally brought back fond memories from my childhood when my mom would take us to the park, and my sister and I would go round and around on the merry go round! Noah and Chelsea just wanted to lay on them the whole time while Jon spun the heck out of it. Noah fell off once only to get back up and get on again. Boomerangs for the win! 
The dance room! I didn't take too many photos as I was dancing myself, but captured a few of these kiddos having a blast! They could have boogied all day long in here! Oh...and we had a drink afterwards too! 
This was the kids favorite and mine too! Since this was the factory finale we took advantage and just had fun with it. We literally stayed in the ball pit for 45 minutes!! There were more self cameras in every angle, and it captured us all together again. We had too much fun in this place, and I seriously hope these pop-up museums never go out of style! 
Even as adults we have fun. Jon was like a little kid jumping in and out of the balls with the kids. 
And so was I! 
This experience made me feel as if I was a at a birthday party because of all treats, and ice cream we had throughout the factory, and the souvenir's we all picked as we left. We had a few choices and Noah got a lemon squishy key chain, and Jon and Chelsea both got a dolphin pin which Jon ended up giving it to Noah. I got a postcard of NYC colors because I love this city so much. 
The Color factory was an amazing experience. One we will never forget! 


  1. I went over Labor Day weekend. It's really cool. I thought a bit pricey (especially if you have a few kids). I'm going to hit up the Mickey Mouse pop-up shop next!

    1. Pricey but fun! I only had two kids to take so it was worth it! the Mickey Mouse pop-up shop sounds cool!