The Adventure Continues With Pack 79.

As some y'all know our church is disbanding the scout program soon, and even though it is scheduled to be discontinued next year, the church in our area decided to conclude it early! I can't tell you how bummed I was, but I don't want to this to be a sappy post, but a grateful and happy one!

After learning about this announcement on my own, we didn't hesitate, and found a local troop for Noah which has been the best thing. Things happen for a reason, and I'm no longer sad for our church to be canceling scouts so soon. His new den leader seems super motivated, and nice. Besides my husband, his Cubmaster is also one of the most outgoing men I've ever met. I have been very impressed with this troop thus far. 
Noah was also so excited to see that a few friends from his previous school are also in scouts, and even though they don't attend the same church they are good friends. I love that Noah has friends in and outside of the church, and that he gets along with everyone. 
A lot of the outings are done over the weekend, and so far we've had two since Noah joined. Last Sunday we went apple picking again. This time we went with the whole troop, and it was so nice to see more of Noah's friends form his old school. After apple picking they had a contest as to who picked the lightest, and heaviest apple. Noah chose to pick the lightest, but his weighed in at 33 grams, when the lightest one was 12 grams! His apple didn't win, but that's okay because the point of this outing was to have fun. Noah is not competitive...yet! He's not a teen yet so who knows how he'll be as he grows older. He's a good sport, and everyone seemed to have a good time. 
I constantly remind Noah to always be a good sport when he doesn't win anything. It's so important to teach our children that, and when he experienced his first pinewood derby he was such a good sport when his little car didn't win. 
If you looked at my Instagram stories a while back you would have seen them building a bird house, as well as putting together a wooden helicopter. Some of these activities fall on a Sunday, and that's fine by me. It'll give Jon the opportunity to spend more time with Noah when it comes to "scout stuff." 
Jon earned his Eagle when he was 16, and till this day remembers everything he did as a scout. He loves it, and appreciates the meaning behind what a scout is, and looks forward to the day when Noah will become one so having outings over the weekend, even on a Sunday is fine by him. 
I will always remember the day Noah became a cub scout. I'm so glad Noah loves scouts, and that we as parents are just as motivated for him to continue. It truly builds character for the kids, and this program is the best one out there for boys...and now girls. 

I also love this article as to why kids should continue scouting. 

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