Attending Some Of The Newest Temples In Utah.

Writing about the temple, and sharing some of my experiences is one of my favorite things to do on here. I write about it as a reminder as to why I attend, and how it helps me as a person. I write it for anyone who may wonder what temples are all about, and also for my posterity. 

I love it when I see Chelsea sitting at the front of our computer scrolling through my blog reading my posts. I honestly think she enjoys the pictures more, but when she says, "mom, your wrote "in" instead of "on", and you forgot to add an apostrophe on "I'll" makes me think she's my editor. I don't mind her calling me on it because she's my kid, and appreciate that she reads my blog! 
Over the summer whilst in Utah I had the opportunity to see some of the new temples that have been built in the past 12 years. When we left Utah there were only 12 and now there are 17 soon to be 19! That is amazing, and the first thing that was on my mind upon seeing the sign, that read, "welcome to Utah" was to make time to attend some of the newer temples. 
And I did. 
I wish I could have attended all of them, but I just didn't have enough days to do so, but was so happy to have been able to have gone to the Ogden temple (above), and Provo City center temple (photo below).  I was so overwhelmed when I attended the sessions because of all the people there. I forgot how crowded they get being that there are so many members in this state! 
Here where I live in the east we are lucky to have six people in a prayer circle, and 20 people in a session! Numbers aren't so big, but seeing the temples packed in Utah brought tears to my eyes. I literally felt as if I was going in for the first time! 
I was extremely excited when my girls wanted to go to a few temples on their own motive, and that they were able to have gone to the Brigham City, Logan, and the Jordan River temples. This was their first time entering these temples. It's been 12 years since attending any temple in Utah, and I'm so happy I made the time to go to a few. Both by my lonesome, and with my daughters. 
Going to the temple while visiting Utah made my trip easy, and relaxed. It made the long drive back bearable, and I absolutely had a grand time! Happy times filled with joy! 

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