FiiZ, Swig, & Sodalicious!

One of man mades greatest inventions are the specialty soda shops that we visited while we were in Utah. I've been a dr. pepper fan since I was a little kid, and will still drink it from time to time. I believe in moderation, and in my opinion see nothing wrong with having a soda every now and then. 

One of the first soda shops we went to was Fizz where I met one of my dearest friends Charlotte. Charlotte and I have kept in touch since I left Utah 12 years ago!! I was so sad leaving all my friends, and being so close to the temples, but knew that we needed to leave. Anyway it was so good catching up with her and laughing, and crying on and off about how our daughters are all grown up, and in their 20's, and married. Well, not mine, but she has a daughter who married recently. She was a sight for my sore eyes, and her visit was one that I needed the most. I love her, and I'm so grateful that we met up, and chatted with what seemed for hours. We could have hung out all day, but time always gets in the way, and I'm so happy that we met up at this delicious place! 

There were three soda shops that we visited, and wanted to see for myself which one tasted better. I heard so much about these places from my daughter who has been living here for four years now, and she said that Fizz was the best, but had to "taste" for myself. The Dr. Dirty Pepper was delish, and they "nailed it." 
We went to sodalicious on another day, and it was pretty tasty. I think I liked this one the most because the gal that worked there made me a dirty dr. pepper that had coconut, black cherry, and lime. It was tasty, and I liked it. I also want to thank Sodalicious for sharing this photo of the girls on their Instagram page! 
Last but not least, S W I G...
Not my favorite soda shop, but the company was the best thing about this place. Susanna was one of the missionaries who shared the gospel with me back in Texas and we have kept in touch ever since. That was 26 years ago!!! I love her, and I'm so glad she lives near BYU where Lexie can call upon her in case of emergencies. I'm so glad we met up to uplift each other, and remember the good times we both had during her mission, and when I became a member. 

Reminders are so important to remember who we are, why we are here, and how to be. The gospel changes lives. Even in the worst of times it changes our lives. I want to remind myself of that, and her too. Friends need each other, and I'm so glad we both made the time to see each other too. 

I don't know how this turned into a "friend" post instead of a "soda" one, but that just shows that I choose my girlfriends over specialty drinks! 

Those two days of meeting up with two of my dearest friends made my entire week!  

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  1. Well I think friends and soda go great together, so this is a great post!