Pumpkin Picking From The Vine!

There's something about picking pumpkins straight from the vine that makes all the fun as opposed to buying a pre-cut one. When we went to this pumpkin patch in Bucks county all we did was walk around to look at all the beautifully precut orange, and white pumpkins, but it wasn't the same as actually picking one from the vine. So we all ended up going back to one of our favorite farms in Connecticut to pick pumpkins straight from the vine, and it was the best! 

The kids especially love picking their own pumpkins straight from the vine so that they can carve. They wander all through the patch to find that great big pumpkin, and this time it didn't take too long. Noah can be a picky little guy when it comes to finding pumpkins, but we were all lucky to have found ones with the stem, unsmooshed ready to take on that carving knife!
Jon and the kids took turns hauling the wheelbarrel around the patch until we found that perfect pumpkin! 

Aside from picking pumpkins I think their favorite part of going to this farm is the hayride. The hayride consists of taking a ride along the farm, and then stopping for a few minutes to feed hay to Leonard and Blue Jay. They are the most beautiful cows, and very agreeable. They are the sweetest animals, and the kids had a fun time feeding them. 
Noah was laughing so hard because Leonard tried sticking his head in between the rails of the truck to eat the hay that was on his little hand. He kept licking it off, and it tickled him! 
He was also making Jon laugh by putting hay up his nose! 
To see my children laughing, and smiling brings me such joy. I love it when they're both having fun, and not bickering. I'm so glad we have these traditions to bring us closer together. We are a family of four now, and sometimes it's hard to have two kids now! In all honesty it was easier raising four! Don't ask me why, but that's my opinion. I don't think I'll get used to having just these two left for us to "fall" out together, but we make the best of this season without their sisters, and have fun!
 Autumn in the east coast is our favorite time of year, and hope that it'll last a few weeks longer! 

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  1. I have never picked pumpkins! Need to put it on my #epbucketlist.