A Special Morning At The Jordan River Temple.

While in Utah we took advantage of attending a lot of temples so brace yourself because this won't be the only temple post to come! I wanted to write about this special day because it totally reminded me of the time I first went in with Jon, and the sister missionaries who taught me the gospel of Jesus Christ. This spot right is where we all stood. 

The Jordan River temple will always hold a special place in my heart. It is in this building where I first entered in to experience the peace, love, and spirit of The Lord. It is where I took upon more covenants with God in hopes that I continue to live them so that I can return back to Him again. That was 15 years ago, and on this day I had the wonderful opportunity to attend with both my daughters. 
While doing baptisms I couldn't help but to cry. I cried a few tears because it hasd been a long while since I did any baptisms with my girls or at all! Since all my girls have been able to go to the temple Jon has always been the one to go with them to do baptisms. I pretty much would stay behind and tend to Noah. I love that the girls would always go with their dad, but it was my turn on this day, and it was absolutely wonderful! Extra wonderful because it also reminded me of my own baptism too! 

The temple was closed for a couple of years for renovations, and in all honesty can't remember how it looked like inside or outside 15 years ago, but when I went it sure looked beautiful, and the same to me! I am extremely grateful I got to go and show my girls that this is the temple where I took out my endowments, and how special it was to go back and reflect on the day I first entered into the House of The Lord. 
I look forward to the day for these two to get theirs, and they continue to glow, and smile every time we are about to go to the temple, and when we leave the temple. It truly is a blessing when we go!

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