Tuesday, May 8, 2012

"A Night in Paris"

~Chalet Francais~
I loved everything about Sierra & Christian's golden evening. One of the advantages of being in the youth committee for the youth in the church is deciding on the theme for their prom. The theme this year was "A Night in Paris." Je l'ai aime (I loved it!)

This is not your ordinary prom, and to be honest I always look forward to these more than any high school dances, or proms. There are definitely higher standards that come while attending a church prom. I never have to worry about some boy dancing inappropriately with my daughter or having the kids dancing to crude music, making out, and doing the grinding train. Oh no...there is nothing like that!
I really hope I'm not sounding judgmental but seriously...don't we all want our kids to be clean cut, safe, and respecting each other while they are all out at least until midnight? I don't know about you, but I sure do!
This prom was filled to capacity! Sierra said that there was hardly any room to dance! All the surrounding stakes from Valley Forge, Pa were invited, and everyone just had a great time. These are her precious, and golden years of her high school era, and I constantly tell her to enjoy each moment of her youth!
I think she gets the picture...including her lovely girlfriends!

I just adore our stake presidency. President Corbitt & President Sikahema are such big kids. They always attend the church prom and join in on the dancing!

President Corbitt and some of the guys having a good time!

I had to put this picture in the blog so Sierra can remember President Sikahema, and his lovely daughter  Lana.
The girls of Cherry Hill Stake
The youth of Cherry Hill Stake
This sure was a night to remember, and I am so happy to see the youth in our area strive to live high standards. I know that attending church prom is a reminder to them of how to be modest, and clean in their ways of living their life. There are some days I look back and wish I had something like this growing up, but then I look at my life now and I am extremely grateful that I'm raising my daughters, and son in this wonderful Christlike environment. 

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