Tuesday, July 31, 2012

100 years of girls camp

Today is the last day of July, and in one month summer will be over. I can't believe it, and to tell you the truth I am not ready for the girls to go back to school. They have been so busy throughout the summer with church activities and summer homework that I feel I haven't spent enough time with them!

One great thing upon returning from such activities such as EFY, SOAR and girls camp is the camaraderie they bring when they return. I am so grateful for these summer programs in the church because it truly does help our children grow spiritually, and helps them to become stronger as they get older.
This was Lexie's first time at camp and Sierra's fifth year at camp. Sierra was also a youth camp leader, and in her second year really enjoyed it. All the girls hiked six miles a day, sang hymns, learned camp songs & the YCL's helped prep for lunch on certain days for the younger campers, and prepared skits that dealt with the theme which is this scripture in the Pearl of Great Price (Book of Mormon.)

"And the Lord called his people Zion, because they were of
one heart and one mind..."
~Moses 7:18
One thing I look forward to when they come home besides a beautiful attitude of gratitude are all the homemade crafts they bring home. They always make something while at camp, and I was really impressed with what they made this year.

They made headbands out of three strips of fabric, and hair ties (no sewing involved, and so easy to make!)
 lanterns made out of mason jars,
bottle cap necklaces and each bottle cap had a meaning of all the things they did at camp. My favorite ones are the scriptures, and the one that says "STOP IT" (which is my favorite talk given by President Uchtdorf!)
They also made bags out of an old t-shirt which in this case Lexie made one out of her Boston t-shirt...
before she said goodbye to her favorite tee
and after it was made into a bag.
In spite of the poison oak Lexie got (which she is recovering from okay), spiders, daddy longlegs, lack of sleep, sore feet from hiking six miles a day, being out in the wilderness with a camp so spread out was an amazing experience for her. Lexie's favorite part of camp was having devotional everyday, and testimony meeting. She really felt the spirit during testimony meeting, and shared hers as well.

We are so glad to have them home, and hope to enjoy the last month of summer as a family. Time goes by so fast when you're having fun!  

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