Monday, July 2, 2012

New York City with Rosalie

 "Riding the ferry to see the Statue of Liberty was breathtaking, and so relaxing", said my friend Rosalie as were departing from the harbor. The look on her face was gratifying. I could tell that she was happy to be here on vacation, and that it made her feel alive! The whole time we were all just sitting and relaxing looking at the view. I swear it never gets old. 

I mean look at these photos..who could possibly get tired of New York City! 

 Well...maybe Noah because of all the running around that he did, but we absolutely love coming here and  so happy that Rosalie finally got to see Lady Liberty. 

 We managed to walk around Ground Zero, and see the Freedom Tower under construction, but due to a leak in the surrounding area they closed the 9/11 Memorial and didn't get to see it. So instead I borrowed this picture from a friend. In this picture is where the twin towers once stood. It's hard to believe huh? 
God bless all the families of those who lost their lives on that day. 
photo source: Kim Berry
 Times Square...that's a whole different story! The words that came out of Rosalie's mouth were crazy, amazing, and awesome! She had fun shopping for her friends & family, and was relishing every moment of happiness on this trip, and wanted to take a lot of picture of us...

Our friendly neighborhood Spider man (with a fanny pack!)
The kids had such a wonderful time with her as did I. We wanted her to see everything under the New York city skies, but there wasn't enough time. The two days we spent in New York were incredible. This whole past week we spent with Rosalie was incredible, and I'll write more about that later. 

She definitely wants to come back to see the city of lights, and take in more of what New York City has to offer!

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