Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Dog day afternoon(s).

It has been a pretty interesting weeks so far, and I think I have adjusted yet again to having Sierra gone. Luckily I have just these three to keep me entertained (tired-busy) for another week. It's all good, but man has it been scorching HOT!! These kids don't seem to care if it is 90+ degrees outside. They have been walking back and forth to the park twice everyday this week!! You can see how red their faces are as they just walked in the door from playing in the park.

To be honest...I haven't even gone with them once! I will spend time with them in the comforts of an air conditioned home, but haven't had the energy to walk to the park with them. I know...bad mom. All of my energy has been on laundry, and dealing with a lot of the mundane moments!

So when they all came home they all got into their swim wear (except Lexie) and began to fill water into the pool. That's when I caught Noah torturing Chelsea with the water house! 
Chelsea has teased Noah since the day he was born, and this is one of those moments in which he is giving her a piece of her medicine. Nonetheless they always have fun together no matter what! 

A few hours later we had a knock on our door and it was our awesome neighbor dropping these off for the kiddos!
A  bucket filled with Flavor Ice pops!
Certaintly saved me a trip to the store (and money.) Yep...these are definitely ideal on a hot summer day!

What are y'all doing to cool off during a dog day afternoon?

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