Saturday, July 7, 2012

Coldplay-Mylo Xyloto

One of my daughter's long term goals has been to see Coldplay live in concert. She has been waiting for this day since she was 10 years old. Once I introduced her to the band (the CD's, not the real band) she was hooked!

I remember when I first heard them on the radio they sounded a bit like U2. I immediately bought their CD and fell in love with Coldplay and they are now officially one of my favorite bands. Not that U2 will ever be replaced, but Coldplay is truly the creme of the crop.

The minute I played the CD at home I vividly remember Sierra passionately playing Clocks by ear, and it was then when I realized that she truly has a penchant for playing by ear. Ever since then she endlessly plays everything and anything from Coldplay. 

 One of the bands that opened for them were from London called Wolf Gang. They have been around for a couple of years, and are absolutely brilliant! I was very impressed with their music. They have an old school sound in which I immediately loved.  Sierra was lucky enough to have gotten a picture with one of the members of the band who plays the keyboard. 
^^^ Sierra with Jamie from the British band-Wolf Gang^^^
^^^Wolf Gang^^^
The setting and light show was amazing, and we were so fortunate to have been in the middle of it all. Everything was neon from the band's clothing to the piano.
^^^Chris Martin's neon piano!^^^
I love Chris Martin! He sings with such passion, and I can't believe all the energy he had throughout the entire concert! He gave me motivation in continuing to jump and shout as if I didn't have a care in the world! 

We even had neon bracelets that were given to us as we entered in the building. They flashed off and on throughout the concert.
^^^ Sierra wearing her neon bracelet as well as everyone in the background. ^^^
While they sang Lovers in Japan they had globe printed beach balls descending from the ceiling and everyone in the the audience was hitting them (including us!) A few minutes later there was confetti coming down from the ceiling. I felt like a big kid jumping, and shouting as if I was at a huge birthday bash! 
Last night was spectacular and we will never forget it. It was too perfect and we were too close for comfort with all the bands that played that evening.
 It was energetic.
It was phenomenal.
 It was priceless...
and it felt like paradise!

If Coldplay doesn't retire anytime, and you, and you have got to make it to one of their concerts!

Trust me...

You won't regret it!!

***All these photos were taken by yours truly!

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