Tuesday, July 10, 2012

friends & love.

The infamous Love statue at Love Park in Philadelphia.
I am extremely grateful for friends...extremely grateful. I have to tell you that if it wasn't for one particular woman that shows mercy, compassion, patience, tolerance, and most of all LOVE for my family...literally-I don't know what I would do if she hadn't moved here.

Although I wrote in a previous post how we didn't mind being carless, and how I mentioned that as long as we have two feet we can walk anywhere we could function, but when you have two little ones walking in 97 degree weather for about two miles...it's tough. It reminded me of my childhood when my mother, my sister and I would walk all over Kingsville and Mexico. My mother never owned a car until she was in her late 20's, and she never owned a stroller back then. I remember crying all the time because I always wanted to be held. My sister was the tough one and would be the one to walk more.

Even though Noah is on a stroller- it's still hot, and there is no way I'm carrying a tall seven year old! Well, I'm not doing that again. Luckily for my angel friend who genuinely said to me if you need to go absolutely anywhere to please ask. And you know what else? I feel extremely comfortable in asking her, and that is a great feeling! My two older daughters were on a bike ride when this happened and came home to see me exhausted! They said they could have gone to the store for me.

They are so helpful, but I don't want to put too much responsibility on our girls. I want them to live and have fun while summer is here. Sierra will be gone more than any of us this summer, and I want her to enjoy her freedom. As sisters they are all close, and do everything together. I think I'll take my friends offer next time, or wait until the girls come back from their bike ride to watch their younger sibs so that I can walk to the store alone!
Before my better half had his acute gout attack he had been walking home from work, and he doesn't mind. He says that walking those three miles has given him a lot of time to ponder in how to handle trials. With all that we have endured for the past few months he feels that having that time alone walking has given him moments of peace, and answers to his prayers. He still can't ride his bike because his arm is still healing. He's no longer using the sling, and should be back to riding his bike in a couple of weeks. Then again I hope that we can be able to have our car fixed as well.

As much as I love being at home-the kids and I need to venture out. Even if it's just to go to Sonic, or to a different park across town. There are moments of frustration, and I try to avoid any kind of hostility within our family. Without getting into any negativity we stop to think of the do's, and don'ts in which sulking, and complaining won't get us anywhere. We have learned to deal with the way our life is going at this moment, and to live our lives in a positive manner.

Having my girlfriend Rosalie over last week was the drug that I needed. She reminded me to leave everything in God's hands, and expressed the love that she immediately felt for our kids. She was so generous to us for that entire week that I kept my faith in tact knowing that there is good in everyone...no matter how they serve.

I'm going to try to not worry about anything. I never want to argue over money, or a broken car, or anything else that is worth losing our faith and the love we have as a family. I want our summer to be fun regardless of the heat (which I don't mind as long as I don't have to walk far with the two young ones), and being carless. You can't put a price tag on love, fun, family time, and making sacrifices so that our children can continue to live in a healthy and happy environment.  

I'm just grateful for wonderful, kind, and loving friends who have helped us out for the past few months, and for that one unique friend who always comes to our rescue in times of need.

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