Monday, July 9, 2012

Ms. Sunshine

After attending the best concert in the world Sierra woke up bright and early the next morning to attend yet another adventure.

We are definitely going to miss this lovely face. She is the sunshine that lights up this house. No matter how grumpy we may all get she always finds a way to put a smile back on all of our faces. No matter how much her youngest sister nags on her...I know that Sierra will miss her! I know she will miss her duets and bike rides with Lexie. I know she will miss her baby brother. She'll only be gone for almost two weeks, and I'm acting as if she is leaving for college already!! Get a grip Rose!

She is off to Utah to attend a program up at BYU called SOAR in Provo, and then spend a few days with her grandparents. She is fortunate to have one of her dear friends fly with her to attend SOAR, and have a blast in Salt Lake City.
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I am excited that she got into this program. Not everyone is eligible, and lucky for her she was chosen. Attending SOAR will open up a lot of doors, and opportunities for her when it comes to college, and applying at BYU. I know that she will spiritually grow as well as making new friends. I am so pleased with all of her accomplishments and pray that no matter what college she gets into she'll succeed, fulfill her ambitions, and love it with all her heart.

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