Thursday, July 19, 2012

Absence makes the heart grow fonder.

After spending all day in different airports due to cancellations and delays Sierra finally returned home to us from Utah late last night. Although we spoke on the phone six times in 15 minute intervals out of the ten days she spent in Utah she still had a lot to talk about at two o'clock in the morning!

Attending SOAR up at Brigham Young University campus was exciting, and educational at the same time.  She made so many friends, and for the first time experienced hiking the Y mountain.
THE Y-photo source: google
Sierra with Aaron on top of the Y.
Sierra with Noheli
She loved everything about SOAR, and learned so much. Being surrounded by others that were of the same heritage was very comforting to her. She didn't feel judged, and felt as if she was at "home."
She missed being surrounded by so many temples, and was excited to have seen more than one in a 72 hour hour period.
She got a glimpse of what campus life will be like...without her family. There will be no chores, and no one telling her what time to go to bed. No one telling her that dinner is ready. No one telling her if all her projects are finished with school. Those are things that she will have to do on her own. I'm sure that I will be checking up on her from time to time to make sure she is eating well, and getting enough sleep, but I have learned that all children have to learn to govern themselves, and be responsible.

I remember how college life was like especially when having a job, and a church calling. It wasn't easy, but I know that for me keeping things written down on a calendar, and being organized helped me immensely. There were no cell phones back then, or email so I would say that her generation has it pretty easy with all the technology there is today in order to be organized.

I also got a glimpse of what my role as a mother is going to feel like when Sierra is off to college. The past ten days Lexie and Chelsea took over her share of the chores (poor girls.) The first couple of days are always hard without her. Our house just felt empty. This always happens when she goes off for girls camp, EFY, or any other activity that lasts longer than a week. I'm sure I'm going to feel that way with each child, but I have learned to adjust.

Having her gone the past ten days is like the feeling I get when I attend the temple. The temple makes me love my family so much more, and when I don't have them both in my heart feels empty. Having Sierra gone made me love her even more, and her siblings felt even more appreciation for her as the older sister. I am fortunate to have three other children in the house to raise once she is college bound. Because they are all five years apart, it looks as if my last child will leave for his two-year mission when I'm fifty something! So I will not have an empty nest for a long while-thank goodness!

She was so happy to have gone back to familiar territory where she was born, to have met new friends, to have experienced college life at one of the universities she would like to attend, and to have spent a few extra days with her grandparents, as well as visiting with her aunt, uncles, and cute cousins.
Sierra & grandma.
 Oh yes...she truly had the time of her life, and would go back to do it all over a heartbeat.

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