Thursday, July 5, 2012


Although I already blogged about our adventures in New York City and Philly earlier this week I wanted to share the vivacious spirit with you about my dear beautiful friend...Rosalie. 

There are some of us who have friends that we have stayed in touch with for years since elementary, and some with whom we have reconnected with after 22 years (thank you Facebook.) This is an iPhone moment in which my dear friend Rosalie and I are seeing each other for the first time in 22 years (you can see her grinning ear to ear, and although you can't see my face in this photo...I'm actually crying!) 

 I was so pleased when she called me to tell me that she wanted to spend her 40th birthday with me! Okay...she wanted to see New York City, and the tristate area too! Who wouldn't! Nonetheless I am grateful for the time that she took in driving 28 hours to come see me, and meet my family. 

Just a few things about Rosalie that I love that never changed:

She is magnificent! She is humble. She is funny. She has a great sense of humor. She is smart. She is loving. She is generous. She is brave. She is strong. She is a fantastic friend. She is a keeper, and my family adores her! 

My youngest daughter Chelsea was her lil' shadow for the whole week she was here. They even had a few sleepovers. They painted their nails, and had great conversations together. Rosalie said that she had never met a seven year old who speaks so maturely, and is so knowledgeable at her age! Chelsea sure is a special girl, and instantly wants to know the who's, what's and where's about all my friends. 

 There were nights when I felt as if we were in middle school again sleeping over at each other's houses giggling, and talking until 2-3am. Yep...we had a lot of nights like those last week, and they were so much fun! Don't worry...we didn't talk about any of you! If we did it's all good. Ha! Ha!

I am so happy that she came to see us, and that we picked up where we left off almost 22 years ago. We have both come along way in our life with trials, and the journey in which our life has led us now.  She has followed me on Facebook and my little blog since she joined last year, and has always wanted to see me. I am grateful she did. It gave me an opportunity to share with her my beliefs, my conversion story, and a lot of the things that I endured as a child in which I am fearless in sharing (one of these days I'll write more about that topic!)

I am thankful for a loving Heavenly Father who puts people in our path from long ago to reach out to us to remind us that true friendship exists. I wish I could come face to face with those that I knew long ago throughout my childhood, but thank goodness for Facebook (thank you Mark Zuckerberg), and for blogging. I know that through social networks I can share my beliefs, and my love for the Lord as well as writing short stories of our everyday crazy life as a family. 

God is good, friendships last forever-may we always take care of them, but most of all...may we always  TREASURE THEM!  

On the boardwalk in Ocean City, NJ
"The best antiques are old friends."
~Mary Englebreit

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