Tuesday, July 24, 2012

75 years of the pageant with dear friends.

Sam as the prophet- Joseph Smith
We managed to keep the tradition going of attending the Hill Cumorah Pageant this year. I didn't think we were going to go, but we are grateful for our very dear friend who rented a car for us. She wanted us to forget about our "car problems", and enjoy ourselves as a family.

I can't express how grateful I am that we made it. Jon had this whole week off of work so we took advantage! This is the 75th year of the pageant, and we are so grateful to have had the opportunity!

We didn't go on a "prophet hunt" like we did last year, but managed to get a picture with one of our favorite prophets in the the Book of Mormon-Lehi.

As we all know the world is small, and we bumped into the Laney family who are in our ward. I knew they were going, and eventually bump into them...and we did!
two of our lovely young women Meredith & my daughter Sierra
Noah is one lucky boy, and has gone to the pageant every year since he was born. The past two times we went he'd sometimes fall asleep right after Jesus would "descend from the sky" (the actor is tied on to a rope!) This year he was entertaining himself with his cars prior to the show starting, and didn't want to take as many pictures with the characters as he did for the past two years. As soon as it began, and heard those trumpets blowing...he immediately sat down and couldn't take his off of the stage.
 The Sacred Grove-this is our favorite place! If we lived here we would be coming here every single day to pray, feel the quietness of the spirit, and appreciate all that happened here.

Noah would rather walk than have me take his picture. As you can see in this photo he was struggling to get off of Sierra's lap so he can continue his walk! 
All of our kids LOVE it here!

Which brings me to this beautiful short story of the spirit of friendship.

Since we were only going to spend one day in Palmyra I was debating on whether we'd have time to visit  our dear friends since we arrived pretty late. Eliza, and her sister in law are rarely on Facebook so I know  that if I sent either of them a message they probably wouldn't get it right away. 

We were on our way to the book store while all of a sudden I see both Eliza & her husband Jay walking towards the pageant! I shrieked at my better half saying, "turn the car around, turn the car around...that was Jay & Eliza!" He did, and when they saw us get out of the car they were extremely shocked and happy to see us!

I know that the Lord knew that we were only going to see the pageant for one night and that we wouldn't have time for anything else (we had to wake up early to leave for Connecticut the next day.) So He put us down that road for a purpose...so that we can see our friends. 

We had an amazing visit, and they both looked healthy and happy. Jay & Eliza were married on the fourth of July, and New York seems to be treating them well. They have endured so much with all that they have been through with losing their six month old son lil' John earlier this year.

Change is good for everyone, and it seems that they needed it. I know from experience in leading a nomadic life that everywhere I have lived those areas have brought a reason as to why we are there. Everything comes with a purpose, and I believe in change. A change that can improve our lives for the better, and although it can be hard to get out of our comfort zone...I have learned that it is sometimes for the greater good. In Jay & Eliza's case they seem less stressed, and ready to take on anything that comes their way. 

I am truly grateful for the spirit that didn't need to nudge me to follow that prompting in sending her a message via Facebook. This time he didn't have to... the spirit put her right in my path. 

The area of Palmyra brings such spiritual inspiration. 

The Jorgensen's & Mr. & Mrs. Jay Beavers.

Just come for a visit, and you'll feel what I'm talking about. 

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