Friday, July 27, 2012

the double date at Ensign Peak.

Jordan's signature pose
Since Sierra hasn't been blogging lately I am taking it upon myself to write about her double date in the great Salt Lake valley, and I know she won't mind. After all...this is all being written on her behalf.

Jordan and Sierra have known each other since elementary school, and she considers him to be one of her dearest friends. He is as sweet and adorable as they come. He should be packaged with a label that reads "charming, witty, devoted, chivalrous, ambitious, comes from a good family, will treat you like a princess, good listener, and good at keeping friendships."

This is the first time they've seen each other seen we moved from Utah seven years ago! Thank goodness for Facebook reconnection. She was so happy to have been able to spend the day with his family in the ward we used to live in. She and her friend Emily really enjoyed the company of the Watchman brothers (Jordan has five) entertaining them, and doing a lot of reminiscing, playing piano (of course) as well as catching up on all that has gone on since we moved away.

The date was sweet and simple...hiking all the way up to Ensign Peak.
What an amazing view!
Emily & Nathan
Nathan's signature pose

These two had so much fun on this trip. 

Although attending SOAR at BYU was her main focus of this trip, she was so excited to have put the time in to spend it with one of her closest friends.

This double date was priceless, and they would both do it again.

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