Tuesday, July 17, 2012

keeping cool in the pool.

The days have been hot & humid, but that doesn't stop any of us from continuing to go on our walks on the trail, or play in the pool. 

I told you this pool was going to see the light of everyday this summer! 

Maybe we should invest in buying a bigger pool because there is no way we could ever install one in our backyard because we don't have enough room!! Still...these kids cannot get enough of the sun, their small pool, or these water sponges! We have made so many and the more Noah and Chelsea throw them at each other the quicker they tear apart which means we need to make more! 

I am so glad they all are continuing to have fun. We sure are keeping ourselves busy home during this summer, and taking advantage of each day because before we know it school will be resuming again.

I'm grateful for how the kids have been behaving while Sierra has been gone. We have all missed her, and the kids are super excited because she comes home tomorrow!

Yeah...summer is the best! Who cares if it's hot! As long as you get wet, and stay cool!

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