Thursday, November 12, 2015

Scenes of a Sixth Birthday Party.

Noah's birthday this year was yet again simple, and surrounded by the best company. 

His family! 

And as much as I wanted to invite some of his little friends from school and church, and do a whole star wars theme, it ended up being filled with simplicity, and just us! 

Since it fell on a Monday, and with Jon working I didn't want to have him wait to open his presents late in the evening so we decided that he could open them on Sunday. Noah had actually asked if he could open just one present before going to church, and I kept saying no that he'd have to wait until his birthday. He looked a little sad, but when we got home I spoke with Jon and mentioned that we might as well celebrate a day early because he had to work. 

Because we were making sour cream and chocolate chip cake, we decided to do the cake on his actual birthday. Lexie came home from school, and baked it, and it turned out really well. I thank my friend Maggie for giving me the recipe! 

It was a wonderful day filled with lots of fun, and simplicity. No matter how we celebrate whether it's with friends or without friends, balloons or no balloons, and no family close by, we always, always make the best of each of my kids birthdays! 

And in the end they are extremely grateful! 

Here are a few photos of the birthday boy, and all of his surprises! Including his reaction when he opened up this gift. 
I still can't believe my baby boy is no longer a baby and is growing up to be a big boy! I count my blessings every single day for having him. 
Here's to being six kid. Make it a great year! 

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