Tuesday, November 10, 2015

The Terrain in The Fall.

I have always wanted to see the decorations in the fall at the terrain and since the kids didn't have school last Friday we decided to venture out to Glen Mills to scope it out. The Terrain has become one of my favorite stores since moving to the east. I fell in love with it, and try to come as much as my wallet allows me too! This store sort of reminds me of the Art Garden in Salt Lake City, and Artisans Alley in San Antonio. Such a quaint shop with so many of my favorite things. I love how they decorate the outside for each season, and  we were lucky enough to catch the last signs of fall here. Last year we came in the dead of winter and because of that were not able to see their decorating in all its glory. It was okay because we had a yummy lunch at the cafe. Coming here in the fall was absolutely beautiful, and I also couldn't believe the Christmas decorations they had out already! The holidays are definitely going to be here before we know it so I guess we need to start early! For once I was not upset that they had decorations out already. Normally I'm like...can my kids birthday, and Thanksgiving come first! But it's okay, because I've learned from Kirk Cameron in this video, that it's okay to start celebrating both holidays early. He didn't really put it in those terms, but he identifies both Thanksgiving, and Christmas as the "Holy Days" instead of the Holidays. Nice huh? Anyway, I had fun "window" shopping at the terrain, and as you can see so did Noah and Chelsea. 
Here are a few photos of a few of my favorite things, as well as some shots I took where you can tell that these two kiddos are having a ball. 
^^^ tiny trees, wreaths, succulents, and flowers to name a few. ^^^
^^^ Chelsea's goal, and dream is to have a fairy garden someday. I hope one day we can work on that! ^^^
 ^^^ lots & lots of ornaments, candles, twinkling lights that put a smile on chelsea's face, and a whole lot of garland! ^^^
 ^^^ and let's not forget about the books! We love any store that has books. Chelsea has this one on her Christmas list. ^^^ 
We took a look outside as well, and they still had a lot of pumpkins and gourds. Even though we picked our pumpkins Noah saw these tiny ones, and wanted to get one so I bought one for him so that his pumpkin can have a friend. Everything was half price so it was only 50 cents! 
 ^^^ my favorite part was finding this fire pit. They had marshmellows, and sticks. This was the kids favorite part of their terrain trip too! ^^^
 ^^^ it was a perfect evening to be outside. We walked around, and saw the last signs of fall. Such a fun place to be. ^^^
It's so nice to have stores like this where there are so many sundries, adorable knicks, and knacks, a cafe where you can eat delicious food, but most of all to be inspired as to how to decorate your home, and garden!
But first I need to build a garden!  

We have begun to get into the holidays, but Noah has learned that his birthday comes before the "Holy Days!" 

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