Monday, November 16, 2015

Our Thankful Tree.

When i first got on pinterest and found pins on thankful trees  I knew that I had to get on the wagon, and start one the following year. Thing is I didn't. Time rushes by so quickly and before you know it you are in the middle of November, and decide not to do it because it's too late. Well, it's never too late. I found an artificial tree branch at Michael's craft store, grabbed one of my vases where beautiful flowers once dwelled in, poured in a bunch of pinto beans, wrapped a fallish looking ribbon around it, grabbed a few leaves from the dollar store, and voila...we have a thankful tree. 

The kids have been going to town writing down the things they are thankful for, and to see Noah wanting to be the first one to do it, he write what he's thankful for, and put it on the tree on his own brings a huge smile on my face. He's so giddy, and wants to put another one on. I explained to him the purpose of having a thankful tree, and what it's all about. I told him how there are people in the world who don't have the things we have such as toys, running water, food to eat, a ball to play with, or even a blanket to warm our bodies. Even though he's still young, and doesn't fully understand, but I think he gets the gist of it. 

Having a thankful tree does help our children realize how much they have to be grateful for. I know for me, writing it down whether it's on a sticky note, or a leaf helps me to ponder on that things that I wrote. It's a great way to also leave the house being more kind, and humble filling ourselves with gratitude instead of selfishness, and sadness. 
Thankful trees are a great idea, and I'm so glad I started this tradition. So whether you already started one in the beginning of November, or now, it's never too late to begin. You can also go well into December because there is even so much more to be grateful for.  

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