Wednesday, November 4, 2015

L.O.V.E. at the Tennis Banquet.

Monica Seles once said, "Tennis has to become everything to you, if you want to make it to the top. You have to live it." One thing I have to say about Lexie in regards to tennis is that she really has a love for the game, and believe me she lived it all year long. During the summer, and throughout the school year she worked exceptionally hard on practicing so that she can make the team, but most of all to play with the best, and you know something...she had a great year.
Not only did she have a great doubles partner, but she had two amazing coaches that helped her along the way. These two coaches are definitely unique in their own way, and from what Lexie tells me they're both different yet, so much alike. So much alike in the sense that they look after their girls when it comes to playing. She really admires them both and appreciates their way of coaching. 

Tonight's banquet went really well, and man did I fill myself up with pizza, chips, soda, and a pile of dirt cake in a cup! I guess now that tennis season is over the girls are allowed to eat all the pizza, and junk food they want. Wait a minute...I'm sure they did that regardless of playing! Anyway, it's always a joy attending my girls banquets, and to see them grow in their accomplishments. It sure makes me one proud mama. The years are definitely changing, and quickly passing us by. It's important to remember these moments so that they can reflect back on their achievements, and what they did in order to get there. Practice makes perfect, and I know that Lexie is very willing to practice her heart out no matter what the season is so that she can make varsity next year. There are a lot of seniors who will be graduating which means a lot of open spots left to fill for next year. Lexie can totally have one of those spots. If she really works hard, and practices hard enough, and continues to work on her form she can definitely fill one of them, and be one of the top players on the team. She has the desire, determination, and stamina to make that happen. Everyone can be a great tennis player if you just work hard enough. 

Now, a few more photos from tonight's banquet...
 ^^^ Before each award was presented Mr. Wonderlin would add a snippet about each girl, and mentioned how every time Lexie would miss the ball she'd make a weird noise whereas Kourtney would vent, and let off steam on twitter. The truth made them laugh! ^^^
 ^^^ Jackie is an amazing player, and played on the varsity team this year. Next to Lexie she was one of my favorite players. ^^^ 
^^^ My little photo bomber. ^^^ 
^^^ and a couple of group photos of this years tennis team. ^^^ 
So glad I captured this photo of Britney who is an alumni at Highland. She also played tennis with my other daughter sierra. We face timed her tonight before the banquet began, but had to hang up because i didn't want to be disruptive. How cool it would have been had Sierra been here to support her sister, and see one of her dearest, and closest friends. 

Pretty bummed that i didn't get a photo with lexie, but then again we have so many pictures together. Very proud of Lexie on how well she played this year, and amidst all the drama that opponents may bring she managed to handle it pretty well. She always played a good game even when she was defeated.

But between you and me, after she lost a game she would let off her steam to me and her dad. And when she plays watch out. The serious side of Lexie comes out with her orneriness and all especially when the opposing team is cheating! She does have a dark side to her when it comes to playing tennis, but that's because she truly has a love for the game. 

She reminded me of something Chris Evert once said... 

"To be a tennis champion, you have to be flexible. You have to be stubborn. You have to be arrogant. You have to be selfish, and self-absorbed. Kind of tunnel vision almost." 

Well, she's not quite there in flexibility, but she's well on her way. And even though she's humble, she can have that attitude, but at the end of each game she played it was all good! 

And she was good sport. 

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