Monday, November 23, 2015

Thankful For The LDS Missionaries.

^^^This is one of Sierra's childhood friends from Utah. Jordan Watchman served in San Diego where he recently returned home from his mission with honor. We are very proud of him. And soon it'll be Sierra's turn! ^^^ 

In the church I attend we have what you call missionaries that go out and share the gospel of Jesus Christ. Although we believe in the bible we also believe that there is another testament of Jesus Christ titled the Book of Mormon. 23 years ago I became a member of this wonderful church and my whole heart became more focused on the Savior Jesus Christ. Without the help of the missionaries of the church there would've been no way that I would've been strong enough, or taught proper enough in learning true principles of the gospel. To love, cultivate compassion, forgive, and most of all turn my heart over with sincerity to the Savior and leave my old life behind, and turn to a new one. To turn my heart over to Him so that in the end I can have eternal life, and reign with my Heavenly Father, and Jesus Christ for eternity. So these wonderful missionaries are important in today's society, and whether they are 18 or 80 these missionaries are dedicated to sharing the gospel to anyone who may be searching for truth in a happier way. They are the ones who help those who want to learn about eternal happiness and the purpose of life. They are the ones with the knowledge of Christ's teachings, and His restored gospel. 

I am extremely thankful for the sister missionaries that had a huge part in my conversion. I will never forget them, and will always appreciate their kindness, love, and the patience they had in putting up with my stubbornness and all. It's been a pretty great life for me and I am so thankful to be a member of this church. I know that this church is true, and that we are guided by living prophets. I know that it has helped my family become more bonded than ever. It truly is the way to lasting happiness. No matter the trials we've faced as a family, I know that leaning towards the Savior will help guide us through a better life, and help us to be more Christlike. 

So here's to the missionaries who have served, who are about to serve, and who are currently serving all over the country. You are amazing, and even if you find one family, one person to come unto Christ, you're mission will be worth it. The Lord knows your hearts, and your reasons as to why you are serving. Keep on keeping on with finding those lost sheep who were on the same wavelength as I was 23 years ago. They're out there, you just got to have the patience, and faith to seek them. It may be tough at times, but I know that with sincere prayer you will find those who want so desperately to belong to a better world with light in it, and want to change. To have a new life, and be cleansed. 
First I want to recognize Hermana Schmidt who I met on the internet when I wrote about this post in regards to our former stake president. Turns out that she is serving in the Dominican Republic where he is currently serving as her mission presidentDefinitely a small world, and she is lucky to have President Corbitt as her president! 
^^^ Daniel Poaletti returned home from his mission earlier this year. He dedicated two years of service in Brazil. ^^^
^^^ Elder Hubner is currently serving in Missouri, and Elder Dapp is currently serving in California. They both grew up in the church together, and are the best of friends. How awesome it is that they are both serving missions at the same time! ^^^
 ^^^ Sister Alexandria Spears is currently serving in California. ^^^ 
^^^ Sister Vogel (the one doing the peace sign) is currently at the MTC, and will soon be serving in the Vanuatu/ New Caledonia which are the islands in the South Pacific! ^^^ 

There's a few more missionaries that I'd love to put on this blog, but don't want to make this a super long post! Know that I'm thinking of y'all! I love these people so much! I would say kids, but they are almost 19, & 20!! So never ever give up on the work! You will be so blessed for doing so!

***If you are interested in learning more about the missionaries, or want a free Book of Mormon please don't hesitate to contact me! You can also log onto our website at to find out more about the missionaries for the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints.  

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