Monday, November 9, 2015

Happy Birthday, Noah Michael.

So two months have passed since this kid entered the world of kindergarten and I have to say that I am so proud of him. He is doing great academically, has learned how to count up to 100, and can even write a letter with his name! I will always remember his first day of school too. Waiting for the bus on his first day was nerve wracking, and I thought to myself...should I drive him to school, and walk him to his classroom, or should I let him experience independency, and ride the bus. I then realized that I cannot hang on to him now, or forever. I cannot baby him, or coddle him, and as much as I want to hold his hand every moment of each day I choose not to. I have to trust my way of teaching him in knowing that he will turn out to be a wonderful gentleman. I'm so glad I chose the latter because it has taught him to be brave and fearless. 

When it was time for me to pick him up at the bus stop on his first day with his sister there was nothing but laughter, and a smile. A smile, and a huge so hug indicating that he was happy, and thankful that I chose for him to take the bus into school on his first day. His reaction, and the words he uttered when he got off the bus, "the bus was so much fun mom. I like the bus!" I attest that to teaching him how to be brave, and having seen three sisters taking the bus since he was a baby made it easier for him to ride it. I have learned that if our younger kids observe their older siblings when it comes to any issue handled with courage that they themselves will learn from their example, and not be afraid. But if they see them timid, and shy they too will learn to be that way. Same goes for us parents. Teaching our children true principles is crucial in todays world, and they watch our every move. All children are different, and luckily this little guy has been a fearless little fella since the day he was born. That is except when it comes to barking dogs, and spiders.

So thankful for this boy coming into this little world of ours, and to bring nothing but joy, and goofiness into our home. It has brought nothing but smiling faces, and I see the joy in his eyes as he wakes up, sees his family, and gets ready for school. It's almost as if he's asking the world to bring on life. It's kind of scary, but so bittersweet. 
Yeah...I think six is going to be another great year for him! 

Happy Birthday little man! 

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