Friday, November 13, 2015

Always Be Brave Kids.

For those of you who faithfully read my blog you know that my writing is all about family, trials, adventures, and the drama that can come from it. I try my best to keep my blog positive, and inspiring, but sometimes that's not always going to happen. When it comes to my children I'm like a lioness, and you better believe that I'm going to protect my kids from anything that may be harmful to their well being. However, I have learned to step back at times so that all my children, including my six year old can learn to be independent, and govern themselves. 

Ever heard of that old adage when a mother tells her child to not touch the stove or you'll get burned, but the child doesn't listen, hence burning themselves? Well, it's the same with teenagers. We can tell them what's good and bad, which friends seem unreal, and real, good, and not so good. But their not always going to listen, and eventually they're going to have to get hurt in the process, and learn on their own. 

As a mother I have that radar vision as to knowing which kids are a good influence to my kids, and which ones are not. I have a vast, extensive experience as to knowing which friends are real, and not so good because I dealt a lot of that in high school, and believe it, or not I sometimes deal with that today as well. I can tell when danger lies ahead, and when someone is a bad influence, or is not being genuine. I also have learned to listen to that still, small voice to guide me in all that is good. 

When one of my kids come home stressed, sad, not really being themselves, and then they burst into tears, there's something seriously wrong. Especially since I'm so used to seeing my kids cheerful. Luckily I have my past experiences to help them out with that. I do however pray for myself in seeing every person that's not so nice as Heavenly Father sees them, a brother and sister in Christ, and that is a work in progress for me. But just as I learned for myself, so will my kids. 

And they pretty much have. 

I advise my kids to be aware of their surroundings especially when they are out with their friends as well as their influences, and because there is so much negativity, hate, and temptation in this world they need to be extra careful in the choices they make. But there is one thing that keeps my kids grounded that helps them stand firm and true to who they are, and that is the gospel of Jesus Christ. Both of my oldest daughters have learned that the Lord is their light in every dark situation, and through Him everything is possible. And when others who don't have an understanding of our beliefs, see that light, that different, unique light, everything bad, and dark in the world including the friends who you thought were your friends can test you, and try everything in satan's power to bring you down. Shunning you making you feel worthless, trapped, and useless. I know exactly how that feels because I myself experienced drama as a young girl with my so called friends, but because of what I endured in the past, and went through I am who I am today.  I learned from it, and strive my very best to stand firm in my actions as to what i believe to be right, and true.

I see a lot of my girls in me. Particularly Lexie. Strong willed, and believes that people can change. But when they don't the disappointment kicks in, and then you wonder why, and how people can be so mean. That is something she is learning so far this year. Not everyone is going to be the same as they were when you met them back in third grade, sixth grade, heck even freshman year of high school! People change. Teachers get rough, and so does life. She does give people the benefit of the doubt, and although that's a good thing, there comes a time when enough is enough, and you have to sever something that is not good. Whether it's a friendship, or something that is just weighing you down. To turn away from it, and ask Heavenly Father for guidance. The teenage years are tough, but if you hang firm to what you know is right the Lord will be there by her side, and I know that she has turned to Him for strength.

Every first Sunday of the month in our church we have what you call a testimony meeting. Members of our congregation will sporadically stand up and bear testimony, and testify of truths of the savior. Earlier this month Lexie stood up to share her thoughts, and I was overwhelmed at her testimony. I didn't realize how difficult this school year has been for her, and that she was in so much pain. I figured if she brings home A's, and winning tennis matches that everything is fine. I mean, I knew that she was having some off days, and after talking about it she'd be fine. Little did I know she was holding it in, being herself trying not to let the problems get in her way. How grateful I am to God in giving my child the strength to endure the harshness that this world brings. Especially to the good kids who are targeted because they are different, and strive to be good. I admire her for standing up to bear witness knowing that Heavenly Father is there for her, and I found that extremely brave of her to do that. Especially in front of the congregation, and through her tears it was evident in her voice that she knows that Jesus is the Christ, and that He walks with her every step of the way. 

I also want to add how proud I am of Lexie in how she has managed the change in her friends, and how society lives in todays world. And although there will be many more times where she may break down, and tear up because let's face it...teenage girls are emotional. Especially when one exhibits that shining light. And sometimes people are afraid of that light, because it's a different kind. 

One thing I've taught my kids is that as you get older people change. The friends you thought were your friends shift towards a different direction, and begin to drift away. And if you're lucky you'll have one, maybe two friends from high school whom you'll keep in touch with, and visit from time to time. This I know to be true too. 

Truth is we know what holds us together, and as a mother you better believe that I'm going to strive to hang on to that iron rod, and be there for my children until the day i leave this earth. And one thing that I will always advise my children is to always be brave. To know that among all the calamity that the world brings there is also beauty and light. That they are never the issue. To always smile, and be that light. To teach them that ugliness never needs to stand in the way. All they have to do is be brave enough to turn away from it, and to always head towards goodness, and light. Especially that, which is Christ. 
Have a wonderful weekend! 

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