Wednesday, November 11, 2015

If Only Fall Could Last A Little Longer.

In spite of the rain we've had for the past couple of days the fall weather is hanging on for dear life. I love how autumn looks after the rain. The leaves are wet, and the colors are vibrant as ever. Since Noah has school at noon I've been taking advantage of walking through our neighborhood, and even driving to nearby walking trials where I can find some pretty fall foliage to capture. Everywhere you go, and drive we see it. So beautiful in color, and it just makes Jersey look so beautiful. I took advantage and took a few photos of Noah rustling in the leaves, and playing with tree branches. He was trying to make the leaves from this branch fall off, but to no avail. 

A few more shots of Noah because I can't get enough of his cute face as well as the beauty in the nature of fall.
I continued to keep snapping until my head started to throb. Yes...I ended up catching a head cold with a bad sinus infection when we got home. This weather doesn't help either. I mean one day it's like 70 degrees, and then the next day it's down to 50. That's definitely how people get sick, but I try not to let that affect me. As mothers we tend to ignore the symptoms, and not take care of our bodies, but for once I listened to my body, and rested. Once I took Noah to school, I had about three hours to myself, and laid down on the couch with herbal tea on one hand, and a blanket on the other. I did get some shut eye, but it's still kind of hard to completely fall into a deep sleep in the middle of the day when you know that 3 o'clock is going to come quick, and you have to get the kids at the bus stop. 

Oh, the beauty of fall. If only it could last a little longer, but it's inevitable. We live in a part of the country where seasons change where the fall season will slowly fade into winter. And we are a different person again growing and learning new things. I love it, and if the whole month of November can stay like this I'd be one happy camper. 
This day went by so fast, and today, in honor of Veteran's day we'd like to extend our gratitude to those who served our country. I think of my brother who served for a few years, and how much he loved it, and continues to love this country of ours. So thankful for their courage, and strength in continuing to endure to fight for our freedoms. 

Noah wanted to wear his american flag shirt so he ended up switching shirts. I don't think it helps having three sisters who love clothes, and a mom who loves to dress him up. He's beginning to learn that it's wise to have an extra shirt on hand, you know, just in case. I got in the habit of doing that when he was baby always getting dirty. That's boys for ya! Anyway, he meant to do a peace sign, but i really think he wanted to do the star wars sign (he hasn't mastered that yet), but ended up with a wave which looks as if he's telling the whole world he's five, because of holding five fingers (he's six by the way.) I'm sure you get the gist of this photo basically waving hello to the camera and hoping everyone has a nice veteran's day! Then again i told him to wave also! 
And another close up for good measure! 

Happy Veteran's Day! 

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