Monday, November 2, 2015

Halloween Kids Are Such A Treat!

Although Halloween is over I couldn't let the day go by without posting a few pics from that fun evening! The day before Halloween the kids were able to dress up in their costumes for the Halloween parade at their school, and afterwards we took them to a nearby park where we let our two ninjas let off a bit of steam as well as all that sugar intake that they had during the last hour of school! 
Noah and Chelsea decided to be ninjas this year, and in all honesty I'm not too sure if I'm a big fan of plastic katanas. Even though they seemed safe, they both kept playing with them as if they were real. They've both been on a kick of being ninjas since watching this movie, and now that Halloween is over I can put them away. Luckily they always managed to laugh, and giggle every time one of them would accidentally poke each other in the chest, back or even the face! Thank goodness no one poked each other's eye out!
^^^ Halloween was exceptionally fun this year. We had a couple of friends join us to go trick and treating, and they all had a great time! Here we have our skater girl, two ninjas, a school teacher, and a scary witch! ^^^ 

Lexie had decided on being Froto from The Hobbit, but we never got the cloak done in time, so she posed as a skater girl. It was such a great last minute "costume" and so easy, and fun to make! Ha!Ha! 
Going trick or treating with Noah is always fun! I swear I don't want this little boy to grow up! He says the funniest things without a filter! Luckily he's five, and that people think he's sweet, and cute instead of odd, and rude. Not that he said anything to the extreme of being rude, but when he saw so many Anna's and Elsa's from Frozen he kept saying, "not again, enough already!" OUT LOUD!  Overall everyone in the neighborhood loves our kid including their pets. 
Every time we walked away from a house that had a dog they would start weeping, and there were two that wanted to follow us home! They were such cute dogs, and after a while Noah kept saying, "I want one mommy." My response was, "not right now Noah. Maybe later on when you're a little bit older." He got over it pretty quick, and as much as I love dogs I personally just don't want one right now. I have three kids at home, and they get my attention first. I don't think we'd be good dog owners at this point in our life. It is a goal, but not any time soon! I'm grateful that our kids understand that! 

^^^ Trick or treating was fun, and in a way I'm sad it's over. It was so fun seeing the kids wearing their costumes more than once this year, and so grateful that Jon was able to go with us. Having it fall on a Saturday was pure luck. Had he been driving he would have missed out on going trick or treating with the kids, and Noah, and Chelsea just love him to death. They sure do rely on him for extra TLC. ^^^ 
^^^ Lexie, and Chelsea love it when they get to hang out with Myesha and her sister. Last Halloween Myesha wasn't able to come with us, but her sister did. After hearing how much fun, and candy she go last year Myesha certainly didn't want to miss out on going this year! It sure makes my heart happy when I see young women from our church getting together not just on Sundays, but during the week as well. (Can you spy a witch in the background?) ^^^
I personally will treasure every minute spent with these kids especially Noah. I know it sounds like I favor him, and i do. After all...he is my only son, and my favorite boy! I can say that because I only have one! Hee hee! 
Hope you're halloween was a blast, and that you got to enjoy it with spooky kids. 

Now it's time to get ready for the holidays! Woo hoo! Love this time of year! 

Happy Monday! 

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