Sunday, November 22, 2015

Thankful For The Temple.

Nine years ago before we moved to the east coast, long before driving 75 minutes to two and a half hours to a temple I once was going to the temple once a week. 

Ever since I received my endowments, and got sealed to my family in Utah back in 2003 I immediately began attending the temple weekly, and the feeling I received from going was incredible. The temple is indeed a holy place filled with so much inspiration, and desire. A desire for me to continue to strive to do better. It is a beautiful building that I just cannot live without, and I'm extremely grateful for the Lord to give me that continued desire to attend when my time permits. 

When we first moved out here it was pretty tough not being able to go every week, but I bridled my passion and gave thanks to the Lord that it's only a two and a half drive, and not two days to get to a temple. Heavenly Father knows my heart, and is aware of my desire to serve. I"m very thankful of the times that we are able to go by ourselves, with friends, and yes...even our children. There have been times when Jon will go on temple dates with the girls, and in all honesty I think those are the best daddy daughter dates! He hasn't done that in a while because of time, and the kids being in school, but it's definitely on his resolution list for next year. 

Resolution: Taking our daughter to the temple more often even if it's once every three months. 

We always make the best of our temple trips when we take the kids, and I'm so glad we bring them. I know that by bringing them the example we set off as parents is a good one, and they will see the happiness on our faces as we arrive, and even more when we exit the building. 

It never fails that when we leave our kids to enter inside the temple my love for them is solid. And when the time comes for us to leave the temple, the love I have in my heart is even stronger, and all I want to do is hurry up and get to my kids and shower them with never-ending hugs and kisses. What a blessing it is to be able to feel that! 

My hope is that as they get older they will remember these temple trips, and that they will be able to do this with their future posterity. So attending the temple is important to me, and it is at the top of my list in my life of priorities. It strengthens me, my family, and particularly our marriage. It is such a beautiful place to be, and no matter the distance we will always make the time to go. 

Once we have a temple  close to us next year, you better believe I'll be attending in a weekly basis. I'm an adventurer, and a lover of temples so even when we have one that's 20 minutes away I will still drive hours to various temples. I never want to take them for granted, and the driving distance helps me appreciate that even more. 

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