Wednesday, November 18, 2015

Thankful For Callings In The Church.

One that gets my mind off of my own issues, and worldly chaos is serving others, and I'm in the perfect church for it. I love how how the church i attend is so service oriented, and how some members go out of their way to lend a helping hand. As a mother I tend to be subservient not only to my family, but to my friends, and neighbors, or anyone who may be in need of help. I've had many callings in the church, and at this moment I currently hold a calling where I teach the 8-11 year old girls. So far it has been a pleasure in being able to teach these young girls, and it is my hope that they will take in all that is being taught to them inside the home, and at church. 

Because I didn't have this growing up, I hope they know how much they appreciate this program, and how I wish I could have been in their shoes when I was their ages. 

To be taught about the savior. 
What service means.
How we can cultivate compassion. 
How we can be kind to others. 
What the atonement means. 
How we can forgive. 
To have faith. 
To have hope. 
To be peaceful. 

And the list goes on. 

But most of we can gain a personal testimony of the Lord, and His gospel. 

Although I was raised a catholic, and went to CCD classes i wasn't devout, and in all honesty didn't apply any of it to my life at that time. So I didn't have any kind of gospel centered, service in the church kind of life growing up. And now I'm raising and teaching my kids, as well as these girls with the gospel. I hope that by the time they turn 12, they will be properly prepared to enter into a different kind of "fun" & spiritual territory which is the young women program. 

The young women program is a bit more intense because they'll be dealing with a whole lot of different. Same teachings, but in a different direction. The ages between 12 to18, in my opinion, are the most crucial years in an adolescents life, and it can be the toughest time for a teen. But knowing that they have the gospel of Jesus Christ in their life, and if they apply it...I mean really apply it daily they can endure all things, and have help from the Lord in leading them to all that is good. To know that they are indeed a daughter of a king, and that they no longer need to have the things of the world tell them what to do, and how to be. So being the girls achievement leader is a privilege to me because I will be helping them down that path. 

My youngest daughter Chelsea will be 11 in a couple of months and having her sit in with the other girls to teach them is a humbling time for me. At this moment she's been having a lot of questions, and is curious about other religions. Particularly the catholic religion. Luckily I was raised with that, and knew about the doctrine, and can explain to her such things as why they make a sign of the cross on their face, and pray with a pretty necklace with a bunch of colorful beads. Oh yeah...I explained all that to her, and in no way does she think it's weird. Different, but not weird. I'm grateful for her spirit, and for her questions because it allows me to teach her in a way that I wasn't taught. I didn't have an open mind growing up, and thankfully Chelsea does. I hope that she will continue to know that the things she is being raised with in the church, and taught in the home are true. 

I'm extremely grateful for all the callings I've had in the church because not only have they've helped me grow spiritually, but they have reminded me of something that I was once taught. The stories of Christ. It's almost like a refresher course on the basic principles. I also love that not only do I help teach these girls, but in return they are teaching me. 

The first night I taught them i was very impressed with their behavior, answers, and actions. They had it together, and I pray for many days like this. I hope that as we continue on this journey in learning about the gospel together that I will do more than my best. And that their parents will feel at ease knowing that their child is in good hands. Not the most perfect hands, but good hands. And that they will know that my heart is in the right place when it comes to teaching their girls true principles of the Lord. 

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