Wednesday, November 25, 2015

Thankful for Books & What Noah Is Reading Right Now.

Books have become the main source of entertainment in our family. Whether it's reading to do a book report, or just to escape from the world for an hour or two books are something that we love, and can never get enough of. I am so thankful to all the writers, and authors out there who make this happen. Everyone in our family is a reader, and while I wish I had more room for bookshelves in this house for books, the girls wish they had more money to buy books. Although there are Kindles, and iPads in which you can download books for free or at a discount there's nothing better than holding a tangible book while inhaling the smell of those brand new pages! 

Noah and Chelsea love it when we read to them. They have become a bit spoiled having stories read to them at night, and no matter how tired Jon is from work he will go upstairs and read to them both. I guess you can say he's taken over that role in the evening, but during the day I still manage to find time to read to Noah. He's learning more words, and can read easy books, (don't think I'll be escaping the Dr. Seuss genre anytime soon), but still has a lot to work on. I know that reading more to him will help him pick up the pace, and that he will soon start reading entirely on his own. 

Here are some of the books that he checked out at the library including the one he's holding in his hands in the picture above. Martha speaks is not only one of his favorite cartoons, but he loves the Space Dogs book as well. I think it's because of the astronauts. 

Anyway, here are the list of books I have on my long goodreads list that I still want to read! I am currently reading a few books, but my favorite ones right now...
Noah has been on a binge of wanting me to read all the "If you give a Mouse" books, and all the Miroslav Slasek books such as "This is New york, Paris, London, Texas books. But the one he loves taking to school to read while waiting for the bus are Space dogs, and The Story of Ferdinand the Bull.
I'm so thankful for books, and to have kids who love to read, and I hope that they will never grow out of it! 

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