Thursday, November 19, 2015

Thankful For My Husband.

Most of us may assume that a wife's role in the home is to raise kids, do lots of laundry, clean, and cook. Well, I'm all for the top three except the last one. Although I don't mind cooking, truth is I choose not to, and so I let my husband take over. Don't get me wrong, there are times when I have cooked meals, but my husbands therapy is cooking. Some men fish, write, go to the gym, shoot guns, play golf, drink...mine, he cooks.

And he loves it!

He also loves golf & tennis too! 

Just the other day I was about to make hamburgers for the kids when all of a sudden I got a text from Jon that read, "heading in" which means "come pick me up." I then asked him if he could hang for a few minutes so I can make these patties for the kids, but he told me not to worry that he would make them. I can totally tell by the text that he was looking forward to letting his hair down (no pun intended) by coming home to whip up some patties. And so I let him take over the fort. 

I am soooooo lucky to have a husband who absolutely loves to cook, and go out of his way in finding unique recipes, and adding secret ingredients to a dish he just made up. He totally takes after his mom in the cooking department, and I'm glad that as a young boy observed her while she was cooking in the kitchen. If only time allowed him to go to a culinary school he'd probably be a chef by now working at a fine restaurant in the city, but it's nice to have him cook for us in the comforts of our home. 

I am extremely grateful to have a hardworking husband, that after driving for nine hours delivering at least 275 packages, loves to cook and that he doesn't expect dinner on the table like a soldier at 0600. I feel that as long as I'm doing all the other things, and because I'm a mom I don't mind, he doesn't mind doing the cooking. 

He's not only an amazing cook, but a great tennis player, father, and a great teacher. All his callings in the church have been teaching the youth, and that is a great talent that he has! His personality, and through experiences of his own while he was young has helped him reach out to some of the kids at our church. Teaching seminary for four years really helped him appreciate what it meant to wake up at 5 in the morning, while I was pregnant, and when Noah was born, but to see these kids in action waking up because they chose to made him appreciate it even more! grateful I am for having a teachable, fun, geeky, star wars loving, 6'3 laid back kind of guy,  in my family that the kids love, and that I'm proud to call my husband! 

We're a pretty lucky bunch!

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