Friday, November 6, 2015

Priesthood Restoration Site & Susquehanna River.

Visiting the Priesthood Restoration Site in Harmony, Pennsylvania where the home of Joseph and Emma Smith is was such an amazing experience. To step foot inside the home of where most of the Book of Mormon was translated was a humbling experience, and such an important part of the church's history. I'm so grateful for the opportunity to have visited here with my family, and to have learned more in detail of how it all took place. Touring the site with two sister missionaries was fun, and inspiring. Their testimony of the Savior, and Joseph Smith was enlightening, and I was strengthened along with them. So grateful for historical monuments, and homes like this because when you step foot inside you immediately feel the spirit. There's no doubt that everything that took place here is true. And because of that I have the gospel in my life, and raising my family the best I can with the guidance of the holy spirit. This place is truly amazing. 
We toured the Hale home first, and it was such a cozy home. Totally gives me the farm living bug. I love the simplicity of how our pioneers lived back then. Full of simplicity, and only hoarding the things that they needed to live. Sister Martinez was explaining what each room depicted, and I can just imagine how the Hale family lived inside. I personally loved this house! 
 ^^^ This is the pantry, and I absolutely love it! See what I mean by simplicity. Love! Love! ^^^ 
^^^ This is the dining area, and I think that Noah was more mesmerized by the gun on all the wall than engaged in the sisters talk. ^^^
Here we are standing in front of Joseph, and Emma Smith's home. I can't even begin to describe the feeling I felt when I entered inside knowing that this was the beginning of a marvelous work to come. It was a surreal moment, and immediately made me feel so peaceful, and humble. That calm, peaceful feeling that I felt inside was, I'm sure the same feeling that was felt by all who entered in when they were both actually alive, and living there. It truly is another quaint, and warm feeling little home! 
^^^ Not everything is original in these photos, but some of the props are antique, and very old such as the ink pen. The plates that are covered inside the white cloth of course are not authentic, and that is not the original copy of a handwritten book of mormon, but can you imagine translating all those pages by hand! Absolutely amazing! And check out that huge hair comb that Emma used! ^^^ 
^^^ this spinning wheel tho...^^^
^^^ in awe of the water well. ^^^
 ^^^ this monument is placed next door to the Smith home. ^^^
^^^ a bittersweet moment. Looking at the original (on the left) gravesite of their first infant son. ^^^ 
After we toured the Hale, and Smith homes we trekked out to the Susquehanna river where John the Baptist baptized Joseph Smith, and Oliver Cowdery. So beautiful out here! Joseph wrote of this experience...

"Immediately on our coming up out of the water after we had been baptized, we experienced great and glorious blessings from our Heavenly Father...We were filled with the Holy Ghost, and rejoiced in the God of our salvation." 

You can read more about that in the Joseph Smith History here.

 ^^^ We went back inside to explore more of the history here. There is a small kiosk where you can comment all about your experience here as well as this spinning wheel where the kids got a kick out of. ^^^ 
 ^^^ It was so nice to have seen Sister Walker again. She served in our ward two months ago, and is currently serving in this wonderful place! Lucky her! ^^^ 
This site was absolutley amazing, and being at the Susquehanna river where Joseph, and Oliver were baptized by John the Baptist gives me chills in a beautiful way. I'm so grateful for the priesthood that my husband holds, and for the blessings that come from it. So grateful I made the decision to be baptized so that I can have that eternal salvation. 
^^^ I absolute encourage everyone from my area in the church to come and visit! If you love visiting the Hill Cumorah Pageant you will definitely be inspired here as well! ^^^ 

Happy Friday and enjoy your weekend! 

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