For Friends.

I want to start out this post by introducing you to some great people, and to express how thankful I am to have them in my life! In some shape or form they have uplifted me, fed me, taught me, and loved me in the most unconditional way. These are the friends I have in Utah, and even though I'm writing about my west coast peeps want all of y'all to know that I appreciate all the friends I have from all over the world!

In the 10 years I lived in Utah I made a ton of friends. Some of them I've kept in touch, and some of them, not as much as I'd like. 

Ester & La Hacienda.
This is one special lady who totally reminds me of my mom, looks like my mom, and cooks like my mom. That is her food tastes like my mom's. And guess what? She owns three restaurants in the Salt Lake valley. 

I have known Esther since she opened her first location on state street a little over 20 years ago!! I can't believe it's been that long since we first entered her little restaurant which has now branched out to three! Her Mexican food is sooooo good, good, good!! I can't even begin to tell you how delicious it is, and how close it is to my mom's cooking. It is authentic, and the tortillas are homemade. Take it from a girl from Texas. I know what good Mexican food is, and La Hacienda is the best! So if you are ever in Salt Lake please go have breakfast, lunch, and dinner at one of her locations. They are all the same, and her family runs them, their staff is super sweet,  and they will service you well! 

She is one of my bestest friends in the whole world. I've known her a little over 13 years, and have kept in touch ever since. She has visited me twice since I moved to Jersey, and plans to visit us again next year. Our kids get along and love to play together. She truly is my sister from another mister, and was so sad when I had to leave her. 


This lovely woman is someone I literally kept in contact with via text, phone, and snail mail. For three years. And I never met her until I went to Utah. Long story short her son used to date my daughter, and although they didn't end up together Beth and I managed to keep in contact. I guess you can say we were like kindred spirits. It's as if I knew her for years, and even though things didn't work between her son, and my daughter I love that our children brought us together, and that we have stayed in touch. There's no reason why we shouldn't remain friends. My philosophy is that just because things don't work out between the children doesn't mean the parents shouldn't be friends anymore. She has the sweetest heart, and is a breast cancer survivor. I love her like a sister, and am so glad we met in real life! 

What can I write about Lindsay except that she is a ray of sunshine. She was Lexie's first violin teacher, and taught her the basics. She is the sweetest soul I've ever known, and while she lived in jersey for a few short years she was one who served so much. Everyone loved her, and I can see why. She truly is a talented violinist with the cutest kids, a unique soul, and even though we had some downs together I'm so glad that we remained friends, and kept in touch. I'm just grateful she was there for me when I needed someone to vent to about life in Jersey! 

Walter and his wife Vilisha (not pictured). 
Oh how I love, and miss the Watchman family. We truly should be related because they are the most easiest to talk to, and get along with. We all have dark skin (well Walter and I do) and he was like a brother to us. We instantly hit it off when we first moved into their ward 15 years ago. Walter was in the bishopric, and served his calling very well. They are an amazing family with six great sons, and so happy that there is Facebook to see what our children have been up to all these years. I love that part of technology that keeps us in contact.


Save the best for last huh? Well, all of my friends are wonderful, but Eliane really stood out to me when we were living in Sugarhouse. We were at a church activity, and her husband was talking to Jon. We were fairly new in the ward, and I noticed that she was standing alone. Her husband told me she was from Brazil, and with my broken Portuguese went up to her and said "how are you?" She looked excited, and responded in Portuguese, and then started speaking to me in Portuguese. I stopped her, and said, "oh, no, no, no, I don't speak it fluently, that's all I know what to say!" I told her that my sister in law served in Brazil, and that that was the only saying she taught me. We both laughed, and the rest is history. We were visiting teaching companions, and we'd always set time aside for a girls night out. Our husbands were cool like that. Letting us go out while they stayed in with the kids. She will constantly ask when we're moving back. She wants us to move back. As much as I miss my friends, and having 17 temples closer to me I know we are where we should be right now. I love everyone that I served with in the Richards Ward, and there are times when I miss our little basement sugarhouse apartment. Those were the easiest years of my life when the girls were little, and now they have grown! 

I was especially happy to have seen Charlotte, and Susanna as well. I wrote a bit about them here if you'd like to read. They are also two special friends who hold a huge place in my heart! 

There is so much I wanted to do, and so many people I wanted to see, but not enough time in the day! I am extremely grateful to have seen these wonderful people, for their friendship, their love, and the time they took to see me. I only hope it won't take another 12 years to see them again! 

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  1. Oh that's so wonderful.. great to have so many wonderful people in your life.