For The Temple.

Today after church I was inspired to go to the temple to take in the beauty of this wonderful building. The weather was colorful, and with autumn in the air made it a perfect afternoon to spend the day. Although the temples are closed on Sundays it's so nice to go, and walk on the grounds with my family, and express to one another how grateful we are to have one so close to us. I am thankful for the temples because through the covenants I've made inside with Heavenly Father I can be with my family forever. 

The sealing power is real, and I know that by living a covenant path I will be with them forever. I love the peace, and joy that it gives me when I go. Whether it's by myself, with my girls, or with Jon it helps guide me to the right perspective on how I should, and want to live my life. I feel blessed to have the temple in my life, and that my children see the love that I have for the temple. I see the light that it brings within them when we go, and I hope that as long as we continue to live that example of continuing to take them to the temple that they will be strengthened, and remember the peace it gave us, and that they will eventually go on their own motive when they are older, and on their own. 

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