For The Change Of Season.

There is nothing better to brighten the spirit and bring joy than focusing on gratitude, November is the perfect month for that. I love this time of year where I get to remember all the great things, and people that I'm thankful for, and because it's November 1st want to start out by expressing my gratitude for the change of season! I love that I live in the east where the foliage is vibrant in the fall, and where we have the change of every! 

I woke up this morning to rays of sunshine shining through my bedroom window, and when I walked downstairs it was even brighter in my living room! Noah even woke up earlier than usual, and because I knew it was going to be a warm day had him wear shorts, and flip flops!

Temperatures were in the 70's and it totally felt like a true fall day! I know we get excited for October, but November is where it's at! Not only is it my only boy's birthday month, but it is the beginning of the holiday season where we focus on the season of giving. There is always something to be thankful for each day, and never want to wake up without expressing my thanks to God for all that He has created. 
When the season changes we change, and I love that they make us feel like we can start over. Take this beautiful tree for example. It stands right beside our house, and the sun makes it look as if it's on fire. It's bright, and beautiful which brings me joy! I know I will miss that golden color when winter hits, but I will appreciate it until every single one of those leaves fly off! 

Happy November everyone! 

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