For Cousins.

I didn't take too many photos of the family while I was in Utah which I'm pretty bummed about, but that's okay. The kids were too busy playing and getting to know one another as it should be without a camera shoved in their face! I did manage to capture this photo of one of the cousins with Noah. She kept Noah entertained when she would come over, and I'm so glad they met. Yes, this is the first time that Chelsea and Noah have met their cousins, and uncles, and aunts in real life! Crazy sad, but grateful at the same time!

I am so happy that Jon and I, even for a moment got to somewhat know our nieces, and nephews a bit. We didn't spend too much time with them, and as much as I would have loved to take them out to do something adventurous there was not enough time. 

Family is important to me, and no matter the distance always make an effort to reach out, and somehow connect. I hope these kids know how much we love, and deeply care for them. Our kids truly had a great time with them. Chelsea felt as if she had a baby sister, and so she really enjoyed playing with her cousin B. 

Noah is dying for a brother so having played with his older cousins L and G was a treat for him. He could have stayed in Utah playing with them all day long, but there comes a time when good things come to an end. 

Cousins are wonderful, and I'm so grateful to have a few out there of my own! I look forward to seeing my cousins soon someday, and thankful that my kids finally met their Utah cousins for the first time! 

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