For Memories.

I will always remember the years we lived at 1720. Our little basement apartment in Utah was perfect for our three girls. Lexie, Sierra (not pictured) and Chelsea were such a joy to have while living there. Chelsea was 18 months old when we moved to the east coast so she doesn't remember anything about the fact that she once lived in Utah! I'm so grateful for the memories we made there, and that we were able to walk down memory lane to show Chelsea where she was born, and lived.

Mel Thayne was our landlord of this special place. He passed away two years ago, and was so sad that I wasn't able to see him before he left. He was the most generous landlord on the planet, and don't think we will ever meet anyone like him. Talking to the girls about him brought back great, and sweet memories of him. Especially the time he stood in place as Lexie's "grandpa' for grandparents day at school. He was in heaven when he went with her, and so happy she invited him. It was so nice of him to have been able to stand in since her real grandpa was busy working. 

Walking to school, playing at the little playground a few blocks away, going trick or treating around sugarhouse, our amazing neighbors that we had above us, and next door, and all the church activities we did for the three years living here are some of the best memories I will treasure. Since I wasn't heavy into blogging back then I am so glad I have them recorded in my journal along with tons of film photos so that the girls can look back, and read my entries about this wonderful place where we once lived. 

So grateful for the memories, and the happiness that Utah brought us the third time moving back. Third time moving back truly was a charm, and will always be a joy to remember. 

**No, I don't think we will be moving back a fourth time anytime soon, but you never know!

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