For Election Day.

I am so thankful for Election Day and for the opportunity I have to vote. I literally couldn't sleep last night because of this day. I woke up and saw the kids off to school, and quickly got ready to hit the polls. Before heading off Noah  asked who I was going to vote for and I told him that I was going to vote for people who have kindness, and compassion. Who care about health care. My heart grew big when he asked that question.

He was six years old the last time I voted, and he still quite didn't understand the whole concept of what voting is. Now he does, and that gets me all kinds of excited. It gives me hope that I'm raising him right with good values, thoughts, and morals especially when it comes to voting, and how one should lead this country. 

I'm grateful that my kids show an interest in Election Day, and that my two older daughters will be voting as well. I vote in hopes that our future may be secure for myself, and for my children. I am thankful for my voice, and for the right to vote as a woman, and U.S citizen. This country is in desperate need of correct guidance for a better future. It is so important for everyone to get out and vote.

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