For The Weekend.

After a long week of work, and school for the kids weekends are our favorite, and I'm so thankful for the weekend when it comes. Those two days are pretty major for us as a whole because it is when we spend time as a family. Unless there is a church activity or scout outing that requires being outdoors then we make that a priority, and if we attend the temple we make sure we go in the morning that way we have the entire day to ourselves to go out and "play."

There are no major chores to be done from the kids, and if there are they are done during the week. Taking out the trash, and recycling bins are Noah's favorite thing to do, and vacuuming is Chelsea's least favorite thing to do, but does it anyway! Living simply, and having a small apartment now helps us not to have so much to do over the weekend except the fact that I have endless laundry to be done, and Chelsea will sometimes help me with that. I don't think that part of my life will ever go away, and to be honest I don't mind it. I know once all these kids are out of the house I'll be missing doing tons of laundry. It'll feel bittersweet I'm sure. 
Weekends just go by way too fast for us therefore I don't want the kids to have too much to do over the weekend. School for them during the week is tough enough even for a third grader! So weekends are for us, and today we were so happy to have spent it at one of our favorite corners of the world. We love the Hudson valley, and drove through our favorite little town called Nyack. We went for a walk where we passed the house where both movies Stepmom, and Bounty Hunter were filmed. It was fun to see it during the fall as opposed to summer when we first discovered it. 
Noah was eating the camera up today as he obliged for me to take his photo. Even though Jon, and Chelsea were with us Noah was the featured kid on today's blog post! Next time I'll have to take more pictures with Jon and Chelsea in it. 

Nonetheless it was a fun, and beautiful fall day spent with my now small crew. 

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