Tuesday, June 26, 2012

a date with my sassy girl

On this hot day I managed to find some much needed alone time with our youngest daughter. She is the one that longs for attention. Although she is confident, and strong willed she yearns for that "one and one time with mom." I do believe I have taught her well, and many times I've have had to nip things to the bud. Her primary teacher at church tells me she's the only who practically listens, and raises her hand in class. All of her public school teachers up until the first grade have told me that she is the cheerleader of the class, a good listener, and everyone just loves being around her.
So why is it that she is a sassy, sometimes bossy, and so strong willed at home? I think it's because she is in the comforts of her own home, and because she knows that she can let it all out here where "she thinks" she won't get in trouble. Uhh, wrong! When I look at her in disdain she knows that the reprimanding is about to come. Overall she is a great kid, and does keep me more on my toes than any of our other kids...including Noah.  Her unique, and spunky personality makes her a special individual, and I love her for it!
Loves her tankini from Lands End.
Love those water sponges!
So on this day we had a lot of fun. It didn't matter if I was too big for the pool, and throwing our water sponges back and forth was our favorite part. Spending time with her and splashing about for three hours put a huge smile on her face. I can tell that it made a huge difference in her young life, and this is proof that if you have more than one child whether male or female...they all need a one on one time with mom or dad.  Knowing that I put those three hours aside just for her, and I to have fun in the sun was worth it!

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