Thursday, June 14, 2012

I have a senior in high school... yikes!

Junior year has come and gone, and Sierra is officially a senior! I cannot believe it! It's just now hitting me that she will be off to college in less than a year and a half! It's even more surreal when  endless email & mail regarding college applications continue to fill my mailbox. That hasn't hit me hard yet, but I know it will eventually.

We began touring colleges in her sophomore year, but didn't really fathom the thought of her actually applying for colleges so soon. I guess I figured her high school years wouldn't go by as fast as they have. Two years have come and gone, and now she is officially a senior and she will start applying to colleges this summer! I am happy that she is ambitious, and motivated to further her education. She looks forward to her senior year, and I hope that she will relish every memory of her last year in high school. No matter the endless work, drama & heartaches that come with it!

After reading some of the comments that were written in her yearbook it doesn't surprise me of all the nice things her teachers and fellow classmates wrote to her. She has touched many people's hearts and will continue to do so. She has made such great friends, and all of her teachers adore her. She will continue to be involved in extracurricular activities. I don't know how she does it with attending early morning seminary before school starts while taking all AP classes, but I know that the Lord has truly blessed her in being able to handle all the challenges that high school brings.


I wish you the best in preparing for your senior year, and in continuing to work hard. You will be blessed for your many efforts in continuing to live the sweet life that you live, and never compromising any of the values that you have been taught in young women. 

Enjoy your summer, and take everything that you experience all in your heart! Continue to learn new things, make amazing friends, and never be afraid to share your beliefs. Live, laugh, love, and strive to make good choices. Don't worry about the little things, and be true to yourself. Enjoy your last year of high school, and have fun while learning. 

Happy Summer !!


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