Friday, June 22, 2012

Blogging for a purpose with passion

My daughter and I had a very interesting talk this morning. We began talking about the blogging world, and what a wonderful thing it is when done for the right reasons.

By no means am I an expert in blogging, but for the past year and a half of being exposed to the internet I've noticed how easily we can get sucked in with the things of the world. I honestly don't have a lot of blogs I follow otherwise I would put them on my sidebar, but the ones that I do follow have really helped me on being creative, and true to myself.

The year 2012 brought many changes into my life especially in the way that I think and perceive things, and blogging has brought on a whole different meaning. Blogging has been a wonderful outlet for me as well as having a focus. Like other things in our life that have a purpose, I want my blog to have meaning and direction. Although its flattering and wonderful to read comments such as, "Oh, I wish my family was like yours", or "Your such a great mom". I want y'all to know that as a mother I work really hard in striving to live the real life of a middle class Jersey housewife with patience, love, and kindness. I appreciate those who do follow my blog leaving amazing comments, but for the most part we are like everyone else in the world with many flaws and imperfections who are striving to live our lives as if each day is our last with christianity.

We do our best to enrich the lives of our children by teaching them the true principles of Christ. We teach them by example, and sometimes when my example exhibits a strict behavior it can be good. For the most part our kids are pretty obedient, and have learned from the little mistakes they have done. Being strict does have its pros when it comes to our kids!

My daughter who started her blog last fall doesn't blog on a regular basis. When she does its on her own time, and I have not hounded her as to why she hasn't blogged lately. She's hardly on Facebook so why should I force her to blog. It's great that some of us blog to make money, but that's not what its all about. Whether its a hobby, or a job-writing is the best thing out there. All articles and posts are different and it will benefit the reader in a different way. I am grateful for the courage I have to put myself out there in the world to share my beliefs, and write about how challenging life can be when faced with adversity.

I also love writing about the little things that our children do that put a smile on my face, (and yours.) I like to share with the world my example of how we live as a family by showing our true colors. I don't ever want to be someone that wishes to live someone else's life, or embellish any post into having everyone think we live the perfect life. My mind is too busy with four children to be worrying over that. I am inspired by other people's blogs that show creativity, have meaning and a purpose.

I'm grateful for the conversation my eldest daughter and I had about blogging, and just life in general. I have advised my daughter to always be real on her blog, and to post on her own leisure. It's so true how some of us may feel the need to post every day. I'll still be blogging, but probably not on a daily basis. It'll really depend on the event, and if something were to transpire at that moment I will definitely write about it. Oh wait...that's what journals are for too! I know I blog a lot, but there is going to come a point in my life where I will focus on other aspects & will not post as much. Who better half says otherwise!

Worrying about my online presence is not as important as with who I'm surrounded with day after day. I know that if I was a professional writer and had my own column it would be different. I honestly would rather handwrite in my journal, and in my kids small journals as well as scrapbooking. I have been behind on my scrapbooking and really miss it. Since I've blogged about all the kids accomplishments & outings I don't think I'll scrapbook every photo since I'll be converting my blog into a book.

School is out, summer is here,  and am enjoying life with our kids. I will continue to keep my blog as updated as possible sharing with you the things that we go through as a family, and I hope that y'all will continue to find joy in my stories.

Please don't forget me or this little blog.


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