Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Thoughts on seminary graduation.

This past Sunday 28 youth from our stake graduated from attending early morning seminary. Each year as my daughter attends seminary my love for the gospel, and for Jesus Christ grows, and becomes more significant to me as I myself grow older. Seminary is something that I never attended as a youth, and I'm so grateful to be raising our children in it while learning the scriptures with them at the same time.

According to a poll that was taken from the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, statistics showed that youth who attend the The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints tend to follow the beliefs of their parents more than any other religion. At 73% we were the highest compared to other religions. I was very impressed with those statistics.

From what I have experienced as a mother raising our daughter in the church, and being surrounded by her friends gives me the sense that they all believe, and are striving really hard to hang on to their testimony. These youth attend early morning seminary for many reasons and although the purpose is the same I pray that they will continue to have a focus on being strengthened, to gain a testimony, and to know for themselves that the scriptures are true.

Next year will be my eldest daughter's last year to attend seminary, and if she is lucky she'll have her dad teach her for the last time. My better half has been seminary teacher for our ward for the past four years, and even though he says it's his last year to teach...I know deep down he could hold on to this calling forever. It's up to the Stake Presidency whether or not he'll be released. We shall see.
Jodian with my better half...a.k.a.-her seminary teacher for all of her four years of high school!
We really loved our Sunday. We were all so spiritually uplifted with all the words & scriptures that were quoted by some wonderful youth who graduated. I know how important it is to wake up each morning, and start your day by feasting on the word of God. By attending early morning seminary with a focus to grow and learn really helps a youth to withstand any challenge they will face throughout their daily lives, especially while being the only mormon kid in high school.

In this generation they need that early morning spiritual guidance, and by studying the scriptures with faith, and good intent Heavenly Father will give them the strength to overcome all obstacles. Their stake President said, "20 years from now when they have their own posterity it won't be as easy as they think." So the gospel is essential to have in our lives, and to study it everyday.

Attending seminary and seriously studying the scriptures the youth will be strengthened, and their love for the gospel will prosper, and then the time will come when their goal will be to have their own eternal families, and continue to take in all that they've learned throughout their youth as a member of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints.
Side view of the Washington D.C. Temple taken by yours truly.

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