Wednesday, June 20, 2012

summer solstice.

Summer is officially here and we are excited. Although I feel as if summer started a week before school ended it's nice to know that it is here to stay (at least for two more months!) Yesterday temperatures went up to 95 degrees, and it was a perfect day for the pool. Today it should be about 97, and guess how hot it'll be tomorrow? In the three digits-100 degrees! I do believe that with these scorching hot temperatures this small pool is going to see the light of day everyday.

Chelsea and Noah love the pool, and had fun splashing each other by throwing these sponges that we made.
We have also enjoyed going on strolls as of late. Noah LOVES the outdoors, and if his stroller is in sight he will grab it, and in his sweet small voice tell me to "take him for a walk".
I believe we created a monster when we found a recipe on pinterest for homemade chalk paint. Lexie has been outside testing different colors. I think she is going to be my little scientist. While she's too young to have her own account on pinterest or a Facebook (nor does she care to have a Facebook anytime soon) I decided to create a board for her titled "Lexie's Loves", and while I'm pinning she'll hover and sometimes pin certain things she likes. She has found quite a few science projects she'd like to experiment with.
All the girls have summer reading to do. Chelsea and Lexie have it for fun, and Sierra has it for homework! If you ever decide to live on the east coast be prepared for your high schooler to have summer homework. Sierra is reading the Kite Runner, and she told me the other day how graphic, and sad the book is. I mentioned to her that there is no need in watching the movie because the book tells the whole story. 
 Lexie is reading the The Forgotten Locket. This is the last book in the Hourglass trilogy, and she is excited to finish it. She can read these books over and over again. 

I am going to try to attempt to read this book, and it's pretty long. I just hope that we can make it to the beach soon so that I can relax and get some reading done.

 Chelsea has been really, really, good in reading a different book every single day! If she keeps this up she can get her golden ticket, and I'd have to start another bingo all over again! 
I never thought that I would ever mind these hot summer days. What makes it fun are our kids! They love summer, and seem to tolerate the heat pretty well. Luckily I grew up in Texas where it's hot and humid so that I can withstand these hot temperatures in Jersey!

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