Friday, June 8, 2012

Lucky Seventh


Your sixth grade year has flown by like I never imagined! It's true what they say about each child. Once they turn 12 the years start flying by!! You have accomplished so much this past year with being involved in the spring's drama production, honors band, choir, and being involved in the Excel program. You also never brought home a grade below a 98, and those are great accomplishments!

You have had perfect attendance since birth, & you never, ever want to miss school! Your heart is based solely on your academics, and playing your violin. I know you have learned a lot from your sister Sierra, and the example that she has set for you encourages you to do so much more. For that we are so pleased with the bright, beautiful young woman you are becoming.

Seventh grade is going to be a lot different from sixth, and in my opinion a year in which you are at an age when your attitude begins to change (blame it on the hormones!) I know that like Sierra you will persevere, continue to be kind, and stay true to your beliefs. Do not compromise your values for anything or anyone!

Keep up the great work, and always stay true to yourself. You are a beautiful daughter of God, and I promise you'll go far in life and succeed beyond your potential! Have a great summer!



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