Thursday, June 7, 2012

An early start on summer reads...

"Mommy, can I get the big blanket and go outside to read some of my books?" is a question that Chelsea has been asking me since Tuesday. Ever since I printed these out from this blog she has been anxious for school to end so that she can begin her summer reading.  I really think it's about these coupons she'll earn every time she finishes a book & wins bingo, and the Golden ticket she'll receive once she completes a blackout! I love this summer reading game!
Reading is something that my kids were literally born with. Maybe it was all the books that each of them received at my baby showers, or the fact that my better half was reading Harry Potter out loud when I was expecting with Sierra. Maybe it's the fact that I myself was a voracious reader when I was their age, and maybe its the fact that I have encouraged them to read since before they started walking. I seriously had more books than toys. 

Summer reading has started early in our house, and Chelsea just loves sitting on a blanket outside in the sunshine with some of her books that are on her "to read" list. The girls have all read the books on their shelves at least two or three times, except for me and Chelsea. I'm obviously not as voracious as I used to be when it comes to books. Just look at my goodreads shelf, and you'll see how many books I have on my list to read! 

There are many books they want to read, and not a lot of money too buy them all at once. Luckily we have a library nearby, and a nice list of books of what they want to read next. 

I am amazed at how well Chelsea reads now. She has gotten better in reading her scriptures with us as a family. Instead of taking five minutes for her to read a small verse it now takes her less than a minute. I strongly believe that the more they read the easier it becomes for them to remember the big words over and over again. 

I love books. I love them more than television. I am pleased that even Noah has taken a liking to books. Sure he loves playing with his trucks, and legos, but he does love picture books. The look on his face when any of sisters read to him is priceless. 
Especially when I see him sitting on the couch trying to read on his own. That puts a smile on my face. 

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