Friday, June 15, 2012

A week in review.

 It is always seems that when it gets to the end of the school year life becomes somewhat unmanageable trying to juggle so many things all at once. It's not that easy when your only car is still out of commission and living life in New Jersey has proven to us that a vehicle is a necessity! Luckily for Chelsea she spent the day with her sweet friend riding an electric scooter, eating pizza, and just having fun while I was at the temple having spiritual fun. 
After all the chaos that I endured last week the spirit filled my heart, and my dear friend from church asked me if I was going to her sealing. She knew I didn't have a car and offered if I could drive for her. Being that I love to drive I obliged. I really didn't mind, and the two hour drive to D.C. to attend the temple is worth it and never a problem for me. I am so happy to have been a witness to their sealing, and to have heard the counsel from their sealer in the temple. I love the temple, and always feel joy, and uplifted when I leave. After the week I had I definitely needed that spiritual feed, and I took it all in!
My sweet boy who so far loves waking up on Sundays to attend church knows when it's time to go. He will run to his dresser drawer, and point out his clothes. I love these colors on him, and he is just a happy little boy. He said the prayer today in his nursery class, and every time he comes out wearing a sign that reads I gave the prayer in Nursery today it warms my heart.

 I can see that he is learning it at church as well as in our home. No matter if he's two or twenty, praying alone with my son before a meal is teaching him what he has to look forward to. Although he may be too young to understand what a prayer is or mumble the words that I tell him to repeat, the point is that he is learning, and when he attends his nursery class at church he will be reminded of the things he is taught at home, and will continue to grow in to loving the gospel, and Jesus on his own. 
My dear friend Eliza who was in our ward for a short time is moving back to upstate New York. She leaves later on this evening.

She brought her warmth, and shared it with us for almost two years. We are lucky that we don't mind driving long distance in the event that we attend the Hill Cumorah pageant next month in hopes that we will visit. I wish her the best, and pray that her life with her better half will be a fresh start, and filled with wonderful endeavors. I am lucky enough to live within walking distance of her son's gravesite so that we can tend after it. She will be missed, and thought of often.

Last but not least this boy is definitely going to keep all of us busy throughout this summer, and it has already begun. I love kicking it old school with the kids by going to the park, and having fun outdoors.
I know this picture is dark, and I didn't put the flash on because I wanted to capture the moment of truth when it comes to being outdoors. Here Noah is trying to catch fireflies. I love evenings like this when life without technology was so...simple. 

Reminds me of when I was little kid. 

Who needs television and games?

Have a wonderful's Friday! 

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