Tuesday, June 5, 2012

My life as a blog

Behind every picture is a story, and a feeling. It’s a need to express your words and thoughts to depict that moment. We live in a world today where time passes by way too quick. Too quick for most of us to notate the things that we often take for granted. Blogging has been a blessing for me. A huge one, and if you don’t mind I'd like to share a few thoughts as to why I started this blog. 
For the past 16 years I have been scrapbooking my kids lives until one day in 2009 I saw a friend of mine’s blog on Facebook. Blogging seemed like a way to write my heart out about the things that occur in my daily life as well as my most deepest and darkest moments that I've held on for too long. It has also been a great outlet for me in expressing my thoughts into writing, as well as great therapy for me. 
Our nomadic life was one of the many factors that has led me to blog so that I can keep all my family and friends updated. My kids are all musically inclined, hence naming the blog "A Harmonious Combination”. So far my three girls play the piano, and my middle daughter plays the violin. Since family out west can’t come to every piano/violin recital my blog gives them the chance to see them perform. Having lived in four different states has sure taken us on a lot of bumpy roads, and believe me we’ve had plenty of those within the past 18 years...PLENTY!!
Little did I know that I would become a blogger, and feel pretty confident about it. I have always loved writing ever since I got my first journal at the age of 20. I know that age may seem old for one to start, and I'm so glad I did!  I’ve now been blogging for a year and a half, and I absolutely love it. So each day after I make sure the older kids are well off to school, my two year old is fed, and my better half is at work I make an effort to write my heart out about a thought or a picture that has been taken at that moment, or long ago. 

Documenting the things that I never thought I would write about has given me an outlet of letting things go that have been hidden under a dark cloud, and writing about it in a positive manner. I want to use the internet for good, and to share all that is good. Whether it’s my my faith, my trials, and how much I love being a mom. It has also helped me grow spiritually.  

I also write for my readers. Whether it’s five, 10, or 100 readers following my blog, I’d like to hope that there is something being written that will at least put a smile on their face. I have come upon other people’s blogs in which they have helped me immensely. Blogging gives me the opportunity to open up to the world in hopes that I may be an inspiration to someone, and possibly be an answer to someone’s prayer.
I’m alone all day with my two year old, and I usually have the camera glued to my hand. I want to capture every moment, every detail, every facial expression that my kids reflect. I write in hopes that one day they will read this, and say “Hey, that was the day mom took that picture of us, and she was getting all impatient because I wouldn’t sit still because I kept chasing fireflies.” 

I mainly blog for my posterity in hopes that one day when they read it, my words will inspire, and strengthen them. Each child has taught me something different about what this life has to offer. My children define me in ways that I write. Life is not always harmonious, but my kids are a strength to me that keep me going, especially when life gets rough. They are my enthusiasm. So when life becomes a little too rough for you, I hope that those of you who read “A Harmonious Combination” will find joy in my stories. 

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