Monday, June 11, 2012

Movin' on the 2nd grade.

No matter how much I yearn for my youngest daughter to stay's inevitable. Luckily I have all those memories of the past seven years locked in my heart.

Our sassy seven year old is officially in the second grade. She had a great year being, a buddy reader, and a classroom helper along with encouraging other kids to finish their schoolwork so that they could earn a  "beaver". A "beaver" is a coupon you earn based on good behavior & completing your homework which results in choosing a prize that the school principal chooses. A few of the prizes Chelsea earned this year were brand new books, goodie bags, and educational games.

She loves to read, and she was excited when I finally hung up her summer reading banner. Her love for playing the piano continues to grow, and in the past five months of having lessons she has improved on curving her fingers while playing. She was a unique first grader in which her teacher would have loved to reproduce her 18 times! She is a quick study, and although her accomplishments may seem small...they are big to us, and we are so pleased with how she ended the school year of 2012!

Congratulations Chelsea, & keep up the good work!

*Although summer is here we look forward to your elementary school years! 

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